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From June 7 to 10, 2017, the 18th Chengdu International Furniture Exhibition is about to open. In addition, the theme of "one city, two exhibitions" includes two main directions: finished furniture exhibition and customized home exhibition. There are also many brands participating in the customized home exhibition, but there are still many representative customized brands who did not participate in this exhibition. What is their attitude towards this exhibition? Home state invited Chen Jun, general manager of pinchao whole house customization, to conduct an exclusive interview

pinchao Chen Jun inspected the German brand home furnishing state: what is pinchao's view on whole house customization in Chengdu International Furniture Exhibition

pinchao Chen Jun inspects German brands

pinchao Chen Jun: This is a very mature exhibition in the furniture industry. It is also a very excellent exhibition in the furniture industry in Western China and even across the country. It has promoted the rapid development of furniture brands in Western China. From Sichuan to the whole country, this exhibition has made indelible contributions. It has been successfully held for more than ten times, and each session has its own wonderful

home furnishing state: why didn't pinchao participate in this customized Home Furnishing Exhibition

pinchao Chen Jun: Chengdu furniture exhibition is very influential. We participated in this exhibition last year, but there is no scheduling in the marketing plan this year. We have our own marketing plan. Whether to participate in the exhibition, which exhibition to participate in, and how to participate in the exhibition is a great challenge for a brand. There is too much preparation work from products, brands, teams, etc., so we don't blindly participate in the exhibition, What's more, our performance at the China customized Home Furnishing Exhibition at the end of March this year has been recognized by the whole industry. A considerable number of peers across the country have witnessed the style of the fashion at this exhibition

home state: does pinchao have any special support for the finished product dealers from this Chengdu furniture exhibition

pinchao Chen Jun: we have studied a lot about the finished furniture industry, including pain points and strengths. We fully support the transformation and customization of finished furniture dealers. In addition, we have made sufficient preparations to enable finished furniture dealers to get started faster, make profits faster, and move towards sustainable development. We think that investment attraction is very important, but it is more important for dealer services

home state: can you elaborate on the content of pinchao in terms of dealer service

pinchao Chen Jun: Yes, we mainly carry out dealer service in four aspects. Of course, there are far more than four aspects after segmentation

in terms of brand, we have paid special attention to brand image since its inception. We believe that brand image is the first impression that consumers choose a service provider, so we have conducted a relatively comprehensive brand image building, including VI and the SI system of the store. We can see that all our store images are very eye-catching and systematic, which is the key point to open the gap between Jixi and the workshop brand

we also have a series of props for VI extension, which can be used for small gifts in sales activities, store decoration, etc. of course, this is only a small point in the brand, but the details see the intention. In terms of brand communication, we also establish strategic cooperation with large-scale industry media, outdoor media, Internet media, etc., to promote the continuous improvement of brand influence

in terms of products, this is one of the most important areas for me as the founder of pinchao brand, and it is also the key work of our pinchao team. We believe that all business competition will have the basis of product competition in the future

in terms of supply chain, we are in line with international standards, cooperate with Italian companies in raw materials, and cooperate with German companies in equipment, all of which are the extreme side performance of our products. After we have insight into consumer demand, we define our products into different product series according to different decoration styles, fully meeting the consumer demand of different grades

professional production line

in terms of production, we have a good brand image and good product performance, but if we can't produce it, everything is empty talk. Large scale non-standard customization is an industry characteristic. Under this industry characteristic, we have rich learning experience in the construction of production system of China's industry 4.0 and mature furniture manufacturing enterprises in Europe, and we can learn from the construction of production system of fashion

the modern customized furniture production lines we cited, mainly German Haomai, are standard only for relatively high-end brands across the country, because pinchao believes that production capacity and quality are the basis for the sustainable development of enterprises and the sustainable profitability of dealers

in addition to equipment, intelligent manufacturing under the information system is also the research focus of the production system. We solve the problems of front-end design, order splitting, quotation, back-end production and delivery in the customization industry through the self-developed pcfos system. After continuous version iteration, it becomes more and more mature, making our work more professional, efficient and reliable, and making the consumer experience better, Of course, we are also full of confidence in the continued profitability and sustainable development of franchised stores

in terms of service, the biggest watershed between customized furniture enterprises and finished furniture enterprises is service. Finished furniture manufacturers and dealers are mainly related to upstream and downstream goods transactions, while customized furniture enterprises are service-oriented enterprises, and their products are "semi-finished products" before they are installed. Similarly, in the product boom, we believe that we still need to work hard as long as dealers are not fully on a sustainable and profitable business state

in this regard, our services are mainly divided into several dimensions. Training services. We provide perfect training courses to dealers, so that dealers and their teams can quickly adapt to the customized industry. Activity support services are mainly reflected in assisting dealers to complete the implementation of opening, promotion and other activities. The implementation of these nodes is the fundamental point to establish dealer information, and also reflects the details of the executive power of product trends. Operation and maintenance services, This is actually a general term. Pinchao will pay great attention to the business status of dealers, timely solve the comments or suggestions put forward by dealers, and then help dealers better expand and strengthen in the local market

there are too many details about the above brands, products, production and services, so I won't talk about them here. Welcome dealers who come to Chengdu furniture exhibition to learn more about them

tokata series

home state: just mentioned products, I wonder if pinchao has studied the future direction of customized home products

product tide Chen Jun: quality. We believe that China's middle class is rising. We can see from the data of outbound tourism that China's consumption power is still large, but there is an invisible problem that we have noticed. All outbound Chinese tourists like to bring back some local daily household products, such as toilet covers, rice cookers, water cups, etc. in the past, in addition to being a messenger, Chinese consumers are beginning to have requirements for quality

in view of this discovery, we take a more quality-oriented route in product research and development. In terms of the selection of plates and decorative paper, we prefer internationally renowned supporting suppliers. We have cooperation from Italy to Spain. The paper in different series of products may be from different countries, which is the embodiment of quality on the one hand, and the guarantee of product uniqueness on the other hand. The same is true of hardware and related accessories. Pinchao manufactures high-quality products with texture, and conveys a healthy, comfortable and high-taste lifestyle

our xijiangyue and Toccata product series are the representative works of our new product research and development, which have become popular in both last year's Chengdu furniture exhibition and this year's China customized Home Furnishing Exhibition

pinchao Wanda Plaza store

home state: what is the status of pinchao's channel construction

pinchao Chen Jun: look for people with the same frequency. Our products are not niche, but we also refuse to be mediocre. The same is true of our dealer choice. We don't want those who just want to try the water. We really don't want those who don't have business thinking. We are looking for those who are willing to accompany the brand to grow together. At the same time, we are lucky to have recruited dozens of such excellent dealers in succession in the past few years

in terms of dealer opening or channel construction, we are not aggressive and steady, and strive to make every dealer live, just like what we said at the beginning, sustainable profits, which is a very important reference for our channel construction

in addition, we believe that the Chinese market is too large to be completely completed by any brand, so we believe that we should build a distinctive and sustainable whole house customized brand and strive to do a good job in internal skills. As for channel construction, it is only a matter of instant success

home state: Thank you. President Chen accepted our interview

pinchao Chen Jun: you're welcome

Editor's note

pinchao, as a dark horse brand that has quickly broken through the whole house customization industry in recent years, reflects its uniqueness from brand operation to product performance. It uses its strength to create its own value in the customization industry, which is gradually moving towards the Red Sea. There are still many outlets in the national layout of pinchao. If you are interested in whole house customization, you may consider it





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