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Many owners will encounter a problem when decorating. If you want to catch up with the progress, the construction period is uncertain, and the lack of building materials will make up for that. The whole home decoration project will take even several months. Not only did the cost rise, but time was also wasted. So how should we learn from experience and be foolproof

1. Clarify the installation sequence of main materials

if you want to catch up with the construction period, you must grasp the overall situation and clarify the installation sequence of main materials. It is generally recommended that heating be installed first and kitchen and bathroom decoration (ceramic tiles, cabinets, sanitary ware, ceiling) be carried out. Because these main materials need slotting, drilling, polishing and other processes, which involve concealed works and are heavily polluted, only early implementation will not delay the subsequent installation of main materials. Then pave the floor materials of the living room and bedroom. When the floor is paved, it will be the most accurate to install wooden doors, wall cabinets, sliding doors, etc. Of course, there is no need to wait when the floor is not paved. You can inform the wooden door, wall cabinet and other brand merchants of your predetermined floor thickness in advance, and let them place an order for production first. There may be a little error, but it can be basically debugged during installation. Finally, curtains can be installed to allow the delivery of other types of furniture. In this way, we can try our best to avoid the conflict of main materials and repeated debugging, resulting in idling

2. Purchase main materials in advance

when choosing main materials independently, we must grasp the time and make a good advance. After finalizing the design plan, the immediate work to be done is to choose and buy the main decoration materials, rather than wait until the basic decoration is completed and then rush to choose various main decoration materials. Because of customized products like cabinets, wall cabinets, wooden doors, heating, etc., professional designers also need to design scales for different families according to the actual situation, which generally takes three to five weeks or even longer to complete. The ordering cycle of finished products such as flooring and bathroom is also different, so it needs to be considered to reserve a certain preparation and delivery time for merchants

on home decoration, don't be a shopkeeper. Communicate more with designers and material suppliers. Pay attention to home decoration " Make progress in advance "e;, Take the initiative to participate and cooperate with all parties to make your home decoration move quickly

3. Cooperation should be in place

the installation of main materials in home decoration often requires the active cooperation of the owner. The flooring, cabinets, wooden doors and glass products in the main materials generally need to be installed three or four times by the material supplier. This process tests the patience of the owner to a certain extent. Once the owner is impatient, it will affect the working state of the installation workers and lay hidden dangers for future use. Therefore, the cooperation of the owner is an indispensable part in the installation of main materials

4. Attention should be paid to the details

the installation of main materials should be considered from the beginning of home decoration. First of all, the installation of main materials involves circuit transformation. Before installing the wooden door, the influence of the wooden door switch on the lighting switch and socket should be considered. If there is any influence, the switch or socket should be removed during decoration. The hanging cabinet in the cabinet often blocks the socket during installation, so full consideration should be given to transferring the socket to a suitable wall position before installing the hanging cabinet. Secondly, the transformation of pipeline gas. Since the installation position of the owner's cooking utensils and cabinets cannot be fully considered when the pipeline gas was first used, many families need to transform the gas pipeline for the convenience of kitchen use before the installation of cabinets and cooking utensils. This requires the owner to contact the gas company, and the gas company will arrange special technicians to serve the owner. The owner must not change it without authorization. Finally, waterway reconstruction is also common. The installation of sanitary ware often needs to transform the waterway, and the installer can complete minor changes

5. Set aside a certain curing period

because in the installation process of main materials, many main materials need to be fixed with adhesives, and all kinds of adhesives have a curing process, ranging from a few hours to a few days, so the owner should not use them immediately after the installation of main materials. For example, the inner ring of the toilet is usually fixed with tung oil gypsum, and the outer ring is fixed with glass glue. The curing period of tung oil gypsum is long, while the glass glue generally takes two days to cure; There is also a process of curing when the cabinet table is bonded with adhesive after cutting




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