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Abstract: on November 1, the Jiangxi linkage conference of Hennessy doors and windows was held in Nanchang, which successfully fired the first shot to seize the market share of Jiangxi

Hennessy doors and windows held the "Hennessy doors and windows Jiangxi linkage conference" in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on November 1, and set up the Jiangxi Federation of chambers of Commerce, bringing together the strength of local dealers to improve the brand awareness and competitiveness of Hennessy doors and windows in the Jiangxi market, so as to help terminal stores, increase orders, improve performance, and start the first shot to seize the market share of Jiangxi

at the meeting, several senior executives of Hennessy doors and windows made a speech, briefly analyzed the correct situation of the current door and window market, and gave valuable development suggestions in combination with the local geographical conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of economic policies in Jiangxi. At the same time, the president of Jiangxi Hennessy chamber of Commerce was invited to the conference to share his successful experience, which provided a valuable reference for the marketing team present

the competition in the door and window industry is increasingly fierce. In order to adapt to the changing market environment, Hennessy people are always ready and can't relax for a moment. It is worth noting that this is not an era in which victory can be achieved by fighting alone. If you want to seek greater development space, you must stay together and win with a team

at the same time, Hennessy also took the opportunity of this linkage conference to cultivate the cooperation ability of all marketing teams, stimulate everyone's potential, forge an invincible sword, and build a victorious division belonging to Jiangxi, which will be invincible in the future market competition

Hennessy doors and windows defined 2017 as the "first year of brand service", committed to the optimization and improvement of the service system, the comprehensive promotion of brand image, and the comprehensive layout of the national marketing network, which is another milestone measure after the successful acquisition of solidi, an Australian first-line door and window brand, in 2016

2017 is nearing the end. Looking back on the journey of Hennessy this year, it can be said that it is shining stars and has achieved rich results. Hennessy people will take this as the cornerstone, continue to develop more considerate and high-quality products, deliver the brand concept of "happy home" to every family with more sincere and professional services, and build a more brilliant tomorrow





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