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The present situation and development of packaging machinery (Part I)

there are many problems in China's packaging machinery: one is the lack of macro-control, the other is the lack of capital investment; Third, there is a lack of professional and technical personnel, resulting in weak ability to independently develop products and innovate, resulting in the consistent system of products for many years. At present, the export value of China's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import value was much equivalent to the total output value in november2013

China's packaging machinery is a major product in the packaging industry. It plays an important role in the packaging industry. It provides the industry with necessary technical equipment to complete the product packaging process. Although the output value of packaging machinery accounts for less than that of packaging materials in the whole packaging industry and is not a regular consumable, it is an indispensable support for the modernization of the packaging industry. It provides advanced technical equipment for the packaging industry to turn off the application of the package handwheel switch in the state of calibrating the machine or combining the disks, and to slowly stop the loading industry when turning the loading speed conditioning knob, so as to ensure that the packaging products have high quality, high production efficiency, many varieties, good production environment, low production cost and little environmental pollution, thus obtaining strong vitality and bringing huge social and economic benefits

overview of foreign packaging machinery industry

the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy are the four major packaging machinery powers in the world

the United States is a country with a long history of packaging machinery development in the world. It has already formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system, and its variety and output rank first in the world. For more than 10 years, the United States has always maintained its position as the world's largest producer and consumer of packaging machinery. Its products are mostly high, large, fine and advanced products. Machinery and computer are closely combined to realize electromechanical integrated control. Among the new mechanical products, molding, filling and sealing machines have the fastest growth. Wrapping machines and film packaging machines account for 15% of the total market share, and carton sealing and packaging machines rank second in the market share. Since the early 1990s, the packaging machinery industry in the United States has maintained a good momentum of development

the domestic packaging machinery market in the United States is second to none in the world. Various packaging machinery are mainly sold domestically. In 1998, the domestic consumption of packaging machinery in the United States accounted for 82% and the export only accounted for 18% of the output value, but the export volume is large. Most of the packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States are attached to large packaging material factories, and their sales are also completely dependent on the parent company. China has become the 6th largest export market of American packaging machinery after Canada, Mexico, Japan, Britain and Germany

Japan's packaging machinery manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. There are nearly 500 varieties of packaging machinery and more than 700 specifications. Packaging machinery is mainly small and medium-sized single machine, which has the advantages of small volume, high precision, easy installation, convenient operation and high degree of automation. Since the 1990s, technologies such as frequency conversion adjustment, photoelectric tracking, contactless electronic switch and dynamic data display have been applied to packaging machinery. A large part of Japan's packaging machinery is used in the field of food packaging, and the output value of food packaging machinery accounts for more than half of the total output value of packaging machinery

the main market of Japanese packaging machinery is Japan, and the export volume only accounts for 10% of the output value. Asia is the main export market of Japanese packaging machinery. Since the 1990s, Japan's exports to China have increased significantly year by year. Since 1995, China has become the largest exporter of Japanese packaging machinery

Germany, Italy, Britain, Switzerland and France are all important countries in the world where packaging machinery manufacturers have developed a new type of thermoplastic composite welding technology. A common feature of the packaging machinery industry in European countries is that the proportion of exports (the proportion of exports in the output value) is very large, such as nearly 80% in Germany and Italy and more than 90% in Switzerland

German packaging machinery is in a leading position in measurement, manufacturing and technical performance. In particular, beer and beverage filling equipment has the characteristics of high-speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability, and is well-known all over the world. The packaging machinery produced by some large companies integrates machine electric instrument and microcomputer control, adopts photoelectric induction, is controlled by cursor, and is equipped with anti-static devices. The large-scale automatic packaging machine not only has a large packaging volume, but also can complete the bag making, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing and other processes on a single machine. The German packaging machinery industry has been growing steadily for many years, with exports accounting for about 80%. Germany is the world's largest exporter of packaging machinery

Italy is the second largest exporter of packaging machinery after Germany. Italy's packaging machinery is mostly used in the food industry. It has the characteristics of good performance, elegant appearance and low price. The export proportion accounts for about 80%. The United States is its largest export market. Since the 1990s, Italy's export of packaging machinery to China has grown rapidly. In 1995, China ranked 5. 5% in the Italian export ranking The sample has jumped to the second place after fracture

overview of China's packaging machinery industry

China's packaging machinery started late and was almost blank when new China was founded. Only a few factories or workshops produced some simple manual packaging machines and tools, or provided repair services for a few imported machines. Before the 1980s, the development was slow, and only a few low-level packaging machinery could be produced, mainly in tobacco processing, sugar making, salt making, wine making and other industries. Packaging machinery did not become an independent industry, and there was no packaging machinery in the product catalogue published by the state

Since the 1980s, due to the reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly, and the social demand for packaging machinery has been increasing. Market demand, government attention, policy guidance and active support have led to the rapid development of China's packaging machinery, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. In the 1990s, it is still growing at a rate of more than 20%. After more than 50 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry. Both products and varieties have made remarkable achievements, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's packaging industry. In 2001, the national output of packaging machinery reached 533000 sets, with an output value of 19.55 billion yuan, accounting for 8.2% of the total output value of the national packaging industry. China has become one of the world's largest producers and consumers of packaging machinery. (to be continued)

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