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Talking about the current situation and development of domestic self-adhesive label printing

since about the 1930s, self-adhesive materials have been used as the substrate for label printing. Up to now, it has formed its own system, tends to be specialized, and has become an important part of the packaging and printing industry. Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the following characteristics

(1) there is no need to brush glue and paste when pasting, and the bottom paper can be removed

(2) both manual labeling and mechanical automatic labeling can be adopted

(3) it is suitable for various occasions. The labeling is convenient and fast, saving time and labor, reducing cost, improving efficiency and reducing pollution

in China, self-adhesive label printing started in the late 1970s. The earliest areas are mainly Guangdong, Tianjin and other coastal cities, and the equipment and process technology are mainly introduced from Japan. In the mid-1990s, the self-adhesive label printing was gradually popularized throughout the country, and became more and more mature in the aspects of printing technology, equipment performance and diversification of materials. In particular, in recent years, the self-adhesive label printing has sprung up and quickly become a new force. One of the main reasons for its rapid growth is that some manufacturers in Japan and Southeast Asia are optimistic about China's broad market, investing and putting into production one after another

some state-owned and private printing plants in China are also optimistic about the high profits brought by self-adhesive printing, and have switched to production and put into production. From 1996 to 2000, the net profit of self-adhesive label printing was between 18% and 22%. Some self-adhesive label printing plants, which mainly use film materials, have higher profits due to their higher added value of label products

since 2001, the state has liberalized the printing policy of self-adhesive labels with foreign investment, which has triggered a price war in the self-adhesive label industry. The main reason for the price war is that the number of manufacturers has doubled. Although the market for self-adhesive labels has increased by different degrees, it is not proportional to the production and processing capacity. Over the past 20 years, the number of self-adhesive label printing enterprises in China has increased nearly 10 times. The increase of enterprises has not only promoted the development of the industry, but also accelerated the competition in the industry. In order to adapt to this transformation, all manufacturers are committed to the following adjustments

(1) in terms of technology and design, the printing pattern has changed from monochrome to multi-color, and developed from simple color blocks, lines and words to eye-catching color printing, striving to show the richness and beauty of the label picture

(2) in the use of materials, it is gradually developing from paper to film and special materials, which not only makes the printed labels more exquisite, but also improves the water and moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance of the labels

(3) in the use of ink, in consideration of environmental protection, solvent-based ink will be gradually replaced by water-based ink, and UV ink will also be widely used. Because UV ink is dried in the form of curing, no harmful gas is generated, and there is basically no pollution to the environment

(4) the processing mode has developed from simplification to complexity and integration. Single printing and multiple post-processing have developed towards the integration of printing and post-processing, such as printing, hot stamping, polishing, punching, die cutting and other processes are completed online at one time

(5) the function of the equipment is developing from single printing to combined printing, that is, one machine has the functions of embossing, flexo printing, gravure printing and printing at the same time, and a label can be printed in multiple ways at the same time

the self-adhesive label printing industry needs to be standardized. All testing standards are very accurate.

the competition in the self-adhesive label printing industry is becoming increasingly fierce, which has triggered a price war. Price competition is inevitable under the condition of market economy, but it should be carried out on the basis of fairness and standardization. Due to the fierce competition, some small self-adhesive label printing plants, in order to seek higher profits, adopt the low-grade practice of high-grade products, that is, lower prices and compete for the market with the practice of low cost, low quality and shoddy. As a result, it will often lead to a vicious circle and the deterioration of disorderly competition, which will damage the interests of other enterprises in the industry and affect the healthy development of the whole industry

how to solve the experimental steps: what are the problems? In order to standardize the development of the industry, an organization similar to an industry association is established to coordinate, guide and formulate the specifications of the self-adhesive label printing industry, such as the quality standards of self-adhesive label printing, the grade standards of enterprises and the relatively standardized price standards

the phenomenon of "good and bad alike and uneven" in the self-adhesive label printing industry is also an inevitable process for each industry to achieve international integration and implant advanced technology, process and management into China. Therefore, all enterprises should start from the two aspects of software and hardware to fundamentally solve the problems. The specific measures include: introducing foreign new equipment, new processes, new materials, establishing new management concepts, establishing a new management system, recruiting talents and cultivating talents in all aspects, and striving for customers and opening up the market with high-quality printing and first-class services. In terms of price positioning, the price is determined by the quality and grade of the product, so as to truly achieve "one penny, one goods", and achieve a win-win situation between customers and printing manufacturers

four ball friction and wear testing machines are widely used. In the atmosphere of market competition, we have learned that competition is absolute and development is relative. The self-adhesive label printing industry has a lot of room for development, and the newer and higher development still awaits our efforts! Therefore, at present, it is normal for the self-adhesive label printing industry to face fierce competition. Only competition can motivate people, and only reasonable competition can make this industry more mature. Competition not only gives us a lot of pressure, but also gives us a lot of opportunities. Below, we analyze the coexistence of several equipment failures, so that our peers in the self-adhesive label printing industry can face the current situation together, "do not wait for the whip to work hard"

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