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The present situation and development of film coating technology

post press film coating, also known as plastic coating and adhesive mounting, is a form of decorative processing on the surface of printed paper. It mainly refers to the processing technology of pasting transparent plastic film with the surface of printed products through the film coating machine with an adhesive with a thickness of 12 ~ 20 um (PUR adhesive thickness of about 4 m), forming a paper plastic integrated product

overview of the development of film coating process

the film coating process was introduced into China in the 1970s. First, the oil-based solvent adhesive instant coating process was introduced. Since toluene in the solvent is harmful to human body and seriously pollutes the environment, the water-based adhesive namely coating film covering process (i.e. water-based acrylate adhesive) was used. Because the paper is hygroscopic and the film covering equipment is backward, the tension between film and paper is not easy to adjust, and the quality problem is difficult to solve

China began to introduce and use the pre coating process in the early 1990s, and introduced advanced pre coating equipment from European and American countries in early 2000. In terms of environmental protection and product processing quality, this process is much more advanced than the oil-based or water-based adhesive film used in the past. It is an advanced film covering process

characteristics of precoating process

(1) process environmental protection: EVA hot melt adhesive will not harm the environment and human body; There is no influence of paper and ink on the quality of film covering. It has no pollution and low loss. It can process food packaging boxes, 7aj l children's books and other products

(2) reliable quality: it is not easy to wrinkle, bubble curl, and separation of paper and film

(3) easy to use: there are only three processes of paper feeding, film feeding and segmentation during film coating, and there is no glue drying part: the pre coating equipment is small in size, low in price and easy to operate

the disadvantage is that the cost is high. There are many main problems in this process. The price of the film covering material is about 0.60 yuan/meter. It is difficult to accept ordinary prints. If the price can be effectively improved, the market demand will be great

at chinaprint 2005 and the just concluded China International all printing exhibition, a new type of laminating equipment - PUR adhesive automatic instant laminating machine was exhibited. The equipment is produced by Swiss Stan Limon company. A joint venture factory has been established in Shanghai. From the aspects of environmental protection, quality, cost, material use, etc., PUR glue instant coating equipment is an internationally advanced coating process equipment

it is not difficult to see that the film covering technology in China has gone through several stages of oil-based solvent adhesive, namely, film coating, water-based adhesive, namely, film coating, and EVA adhesive pre coating. At present, it has developed to a new stage of advanced pur adhesive, namely, film coating process

pur glue instant coating process

pur glue instant coating process is as follows: preheat pur adhesive - store paper and film - adjust pressure (tension) - feed paper and film - apply glue - automatically remove printing powder - remove static electricity - compound - automatically cut - automatically stack to produce finished products

pur glue instant coating process features

(1) advanced equipment: it is easy to use with advanced servo device. Just set according to the data standards used, you can get the ideal effect, including the adjustment of various rules, thickness and glue amount.) automatic powder removal is convenient to provide customers with high-quality products and innovative solutions. Complete automatic static removal ensures the smooth transportation of paper, The automatic thermal separation has no error, and the automatic tension adjustment ensures the stability and reliability of the coating quality

(2) good quality: coated products with high strength of -t-pur adhesive generally have no wrinkles, bubbles, curls and other phenomena. The equipment has a high degree of automation. It can effectively control and ensure that the tension between paper and film is uniform. The automatic powder removal device can ensure the complete removal of printing powder; The quality of automatic thermal film breaking notch ensures that pur adhesive has good fluidity and adsorption capacity, and there is no resistance problem between cold and hot adhesive during processing. It can withstand a range of 40 ~ 250. The temperature of C has a good adhesion effect on the paper with a ration of more than 1oog/m. because the adhesive layer is thin and uniform, the picture and text are clear, the transparency is good, and the color is more lifelike and bright

(3) fast speed: it can reach 60 ~ 80m/min, and the split paper can reach ~8000 ~ 10000 sheets/h

(4) environmental protection: the use of PUR adhesive has no pollution to the environment and no harm to human body

(5) low cost: both film and adhesive materials have been localized. The price is low, and only about 4G pur adhesive is required per square meter. The coating thickness is 3 ~ 4 m, and the price is 0.36 ~ 0.39 yuan/square meter. While quoting the pur glue instant coating equipment, in order to further understand and confirm the advanced reliability of this equipment process, the author went to Hong Kong in January and February last year to provide the Dacheng paper lamination which has used the pur glue instant coating equipment for more than 5 years with the horizontal diameter of the wear spots; Ltd. conducted a field visit to learn about the use of the equipment in recent years. Mr. gurufa, the general manager of the company, was pleased to tell me that although the price of this equipment was relatively high at that time, it was the wisest decision I made because it brought us amazing benefits. "

market perspective of film coating process

since China first adopted the oil-based solvent adhesive film coating process, it has brought a lot of trouble to processing enterprises. Quality has become the most troublesome problem and has not been really solved for more than 20 years. The situation improved slightly after 10 stones were Precoated and coated, but the cost was high and could not be popularized. After the emergence of PUR glue instant coating process, the coating quality and production cost have improved. As far as the current situation is concerned, this kind of film covering equipment is only produced by Swiss Stan Limon company, and the price is high. It is only applicable to professional film covering enterprises and enterprises with large-scale processing business

at present, there are tens of thousands of domestic lamination processing enterprises, and nearly 70% of printing and packaging are published in China every year About 40% of the book covers of {g volumes of books and periodicals are covered with film. A wide range of packaging boxes also use film to keep their exquisite and meticulous appearance from being damaged. Although the separation and recycling of paper and plastic has not been solved, the application of oil-based solvent adhesive film covering process has not been completely improved, but the number of applications of film covering process in China is still increasing. It is understood that some printing and packaging enterprises still use film in large quantities Solvent based adhesive coating process. For example, in Zhejiang Province, in order to reduce costs, the boss of a printing enterprise, regardless of the harm to the health of workers and the pollution to the environment, used a large number of solvent based adhesive coating processes. In order to avoid the responsibility, he adopted a three-year rotation system to recruit workers (because IA has long been in contact with solvent profile materials, it may cause leukemia after 3 to 4 years). There are many such cases. It can be seen that the elimination of solvent based adhesive coating process is imperative, and relevant departments should strictly implement it

the long-term practice has proved that the film covering technology is necessary, but it must conform to the general trend of environmental protection. At present, some advanced countries have eliminated the backward solvent based adhesive coating process, using EVA adhesive pre coating and higher-level pur adhesive coating process. Under limited conditions, China can gradually extricate itself from the backward film covering process, integrate with the international advanced technology as soon as possible, move forward to the production of environmental protection and product quality, thoroughly solve the film covering quality problems that have existed for many years, and enter the international advanced ranks as soon as possible

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