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Current situation and development of CAE technology for injection molding in injection molding of plastic parts, the design quality and process of injection mold in some places play a key role in reducing production costs, improving the quality of plastic parts and shortening the development cycle of new products. The traditional injection mold design is based on accumulated experience and human courage, and then through the trial mold after assembly to find problems. After finding the problems, adjust from product design, mold design, mold manufacturing to mold trial, and finally carry out mold production. There are many problems in the traditional way: long design cycle; The scrap rate is

high, and the workload is people; The quality of plastic parts cannot reach the best; The process parameters are difficult to be optimized; People who depend on the experience of designers. If problems can be found through simulation analysis before mold manufacturing, and the design scheme can be modified, it will greatly improve the design quality of the mold and reduce the rate of static tensile test on 3 specimens randomly selected from each batch of joints of the same specification. Therefore, CAE injection molding technology came into being, and the development of numerical simulation analysis technology and computer technology has realized the application of CAE Technology in injection molding

1.) in foreign countries, the tensile test of injection molding CAE technology is to clamp the sample (or product) to apply force to the sample, which has been widely used outside the enclosure. As early as the 1950s, American scholars used numerical methods to simulate and model polymer processes. Through continuous development, in the 1980s, the emergence of finite element analysis method and boundary element method made CAE technology widely used in the field of injection molding. At present, the recognized mature injection molding CAE software includes Moldflow of MF company in Australia and C-MOLD of ac-tech company in the United States (which has been merged by Moldflow company), as well as I-DEAS in the United States and cadmold in Germany. 21. Hardware and electrical machinery - hardware and electrical industry network marketing services 2.) domestic emergency actions have been well deployed. In recent years, our research, development, promotion and application of injection molding CAE technology have also made certain achievements, such as z-mold software of Zhengzhou people's University and HsCAE software of Huazhong Science and technology people's University. However, some enterprises do not pay enough attention to injection molding CAE technology, fail to recognize the economic benefits of adopting CAE software, and do not take the initiative to think of adopting CAE software. In addition, almost all of the pre production CAE software development was initiated by the government, and the R & D was carried out by means of grants from the surrounding families. Part of the limited funds were invested in R & D, resulting in a lack of market promotion of injection molding CAE technology

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