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Present situation and development of packaging printing and gravure printing (2)

3 The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a decision on deepening the reform of the state-owned assets management system, made every effort to promote the reorganization of enterprise assets, and accelerated the establishment of a modern enterprise mechanism. This is the only choice for the enterprise reform over the past 20 years. It is time to reform. Shanghai Jielong Industrial Co., Ltd., a township enterprise located in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, is a small village run factory starting from 1000 yuan. After nearly 30 years of hard work, it has not only made rapid progress in China's stock market, becoming the first listed company of village run enterprises in China, listed as "Jielong industrial", winning the reputation of "the first share in rural China", but also becoming one of the famous packaging and printing group enterprises. It has 15 joint ventures and cooperative enterprises of a certain scale, with total assets of more than 900million yuan, annual sales of more than 900million yuan and profit and tax of more than 90million yuan

4. Based on scientific and technological innovation, China's packaging and printing industry will be raised to a new level

in the 21st century, the entry of digital and networking technology, the design concept of humanization and the continuous research, development and production of new packaging materials will drive China's packaging and printing industry to achieve leapfrog development

summarizing the experience of the development of printing industry in Guangdong Province, it is not difficult to see that in addition to the rapid development of the whole economy and light industry in Guangdong, its proximity to Hong Kong and Macao, and the large number of foreign orders driving the development of printing, especially packaging and printing industry, the most important one is that there is a large amount of capital investment and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment. In 2003, the multi-color offset press, multi-color offset rotary press, CTP and paper cutting machine introduced by one province of Guangdong accounted for 40%-50% of the total amount introduced in China, which showed that the printing industry in Guangdong was far ahead of the country in terms of capital investment and introduction of advanced equipment, which provided the necessary material basis for the development of packaging printing industry in Guangdong after reinstalling the software and copying the backup files to the new installation path for replacement. Guangdong's printing industry has taken advantage of the opportunity of Guangdong's pilot opening-up and reform. After more than 20 years of efforts, the number of existing printing enterprises has accounted for one sixth of the country, the number of employees accounts for one seventh of the country, the amount of fixed assets has reached 45.6 billion yuan, the annual industrial sales revenue accounts for about 39% of the total output value of the national printing industry, accounting for more than 3% of Guangdong's GDP, and has become one of Guangdong's pillar industries, The products are distributed in all provinces and cities in China and more than 50 countries and regions in the world. They can also measure a certain parameter of the gas spring independently, and have formed a number of large and medium-sized Guqian enterprises. Among the top 100 printing enterprises in China selected by the printing manager magazine, Guangdong Province has 31 selected, which has become a veritable large and powerful printing province

5. The so-called "green packaging" refers to the packaging that does not cause pollution to the ecological environment, does not cause harm to human health, can be recycled and recycled, and can promote sustainable development. In other words, the whole process of raw material selection, product production, use and waste of packaging products should meet the requirements of ecological environment protection. At the same time, we should also eliminate the tendency of excessive packaging in some product packaging. The company should vigorously develop the color packaging with a sales revenue of 12billion yuan and a profit of 1.24 billion yuan, and do a good job in packaging waste treatment and resource recycling to achieve the requirements of sustainable development

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