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The current situation and development of the full rotary trademark printing machine

the full rotary trademark printing is a printing technology that has developed rapidly in recent years, and its equipment principle and printing technology are gradually recognized by the industry. In the Asia Pacific region, there are three full rotary equipment suppliers, namely Taiwan LABELMEN (luotie), Japan Taiyo and kopack. At present, there is no such production capacity in the national economic test. The growth of the global label industry is becoming the driver of the sales industry. Labels are widely used in all aspects of public life and production. With the development of the domestic economy, the market has shown a high standard and diversified trend in the accuracy and technical requirements of label printing, especially the commercial label printing

resin plate trademark printing has gradually evolved from the popularity of flat and round flattening equipment to intermittent trademark printing. With the increasing requirements of market end users for trademark printing technology, and the promotion and application of a large number of special printing materials, intermittent trademark printing technology has been greatly limited and restricted

different from flexographic printing, the printing speed of full rotation trademark printing can reach 100 meters per minute. There are two printing formats: 260mm and 460mm. At present, it is no longer the printing color group of 4+1, 6+1 and 12+1 colors in the simple sense. Full rotation trademark printing has the integrated operation of continuous machine printing, UV drying, UV local polishing, and even die cutting (two methods) bronzing and cutting. The printed products can be completed at one time. Therefore, no matter what riding experience the rider has or what riding feeling technology he wants to achieve, it is widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, washing household chemicals, high-tech electronic industry, cartons, drugs, alcohol, battery labels and other trademarks Label field

the application of tension control system and high-speed flat cutting die-cutting technology makes the full wheel trademark printing more promising. Compared with offset printing and gravure printing, it is more flexible and convenient. Each printing stand is equipped with a UV drying system to realize printing and glazing wiring. Under the standards of ensuring the color image, firmness and wear resistance of printed products, it reduces the coating amount of ink and varnish, and fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. In addition to the round cutting magnetic hob die cutting, the application of the flat cutting equipment that fully matches the printing speed further reduces the production cost of the operator and the manufacturing time of the tool mold. Whether it is a large batch of long-term production or a small batch of short-term operation, it can be applied freely, and fully ensures the flatness of the printed surface and the integrity of the section

the full rotary trademark printing machine can also solve the problem that the unit type (intermittent type) rotary machine can not effectively handle the low-density polyethylene film with a thickness of 1 mil, PE, heat shrinkable film, environmental protection composite materials, film internal pasting, electrostatic film and other materials with high ductility. This usually requires the use of the tension detection drum equipped with the label material in its automatic coiling tension system. When the material rotates through the printing machine, the preset tension will be maintained on the drum regardless of the size, width and rotating speed of the label material. The tension sensing device constantly monitors the tension of the trademark material and corrects it at the same time when any tension changes. When the label material reaches the upper and lower limits, the printing machine of Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. will automatically stop working. At the same time, the coiling part is equipped with an automatic compensation tension control system, which effectively ensures that the printing crystal will not affect the chromatic accuracy due to the tension

at present, the main problem of full rotary printing appears in the printing of halo (gradual halo). When the point is less than 5%, good printing effect can be obtained, but the printing process needs to be stopped frequently to wash the plate. The operator can deal with it in terms of ink discharge, concentration and even ink printing. The full rotation trademark printing technology is increasingly accepted by the majority of enterprises. The difficulties and diversified requirements of end users for trademarks have also been successfully solved with the promotion of the full rotation printing technology

statement: prone to edge warping and cracking

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