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Analysis on the current situation and development trend of China's LED lighting industry in 2018

China's LED lighting industry has formed a complete industrial chain

China's LED lighting industry started in the 1970s. After more than 40 years of development, it has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain, including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, the preparation of LED chips, the packaging of LED chips and the application of LED products, At present, it has become one of the countries with the fastest development of LED lighting industry in the world

the industry is on the rise as a whole. LED general lighting is the market initiative.

looking at the global economic situation, the world is still unable to show obvious signs of recovery. Global trade growth is slow and the overall industry is in the stage of structural adjustment. However, China's LED lighting industry has maintained stable growth and is on the rise as a whole. In recent years, the overall scale of the industry has entered a general slowdown period after experiencing continuous high-level development with a growth rate of more than 30%, and the export growth rate of LED lighting products is still higher than the national average export level of various industries

industry scale, speed and average profit level

-- Analysis of industry scale and development speed

led lighting products are lighting appliances made by using light-emitting diodes as light sources. They are characterized by high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and easy maintenance. They are an effective way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. In the context of global energy shortage, LED lighting will gradually become the mainstream products in the lighting field. They mainly judge the mainstream products based on human experience, leading another lighting source revolution in the lighting history after incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps

in recent years, the global LED market has grown rapidly, and has gradually replaced incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other lighting sources. The penetration rate has continued to rise rapidly. In 2017, the global LED penetration rate reached 36.7%, up 5.4% compared with 2016. It is predicted that it will rise to 42.5% in 2018. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, the stability, service life, intelligence, finger display, luminous efficiency and other performance indicators of LED lighting products gradually remain stable, reaching the state of customer acceptance, and the market application of products continues to improve

data source: according to the summary of forward looking Industry Research Institute, the output value of domestic LED lighting applications grew rapidly in

, and the domestic market penetration rate of LED lighting products (domestic sales volume of LED lighting products/total domestic sales volume of lighting products) reached 42%, an increase of 10% compared with 2015. The substitution effect of LED on traditional lighting market has greatly stimulated the demand of semiconductor lighting market, and the domestic semiconductor lighting industry is expected to usher in key development opportunities

start from the downstream packaging and gradually enter the upstream epitaxy, which become the production of technical barriers. Since 2000, the investment in high brightness Quad chips and Gan chips has been increased. China has successively launched the green lighting project and the semiconductor lighting project. It has successively supported the R & D and industrialization projects of the semiconductor lighting technology in the ten key energy-saving projects, the high-tech industrialization demonstration project, the special project for enterprise technology upgrading and structural adjustment, and the new material field of the 863 plan. It has a good R & D foundation, has initially formed a complete industrial chain, and has certain advantages in the downstream integrated application

according to the statistical data in the analysis report on the market prospect and investment strategic planning of China's LED lighting industry released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the scale of China's LED lighting industry reached 120billion yuan in 2010. By 2015 and 2016, the scale of China's LED lighting industry exceeded 400billion yuan and 500billion yuan respectively. With the continuous favorable policies, China's LED lighting industry has returned to the fast track of development after experiencing the low point of composite material development in 2015 and the slow recovery in 2016. As of 2017, the scale of China's LED lighting industry has continued to expand, growing to 653.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.35%, and the growth rate has rebounded significantly compared with the previous two years. It is preliminarily estimated that the scale of China's LED lighting industry will reach about 784.6 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 20%

data source: the LED industry is also a key industry supported by China. Since 2009, the government began to provide strong subsidies to the middle and upper reaches of the LED industry, resulting in the rapid expansion of production capacity and the continuous decline of the terminal price of LED lighting products. Thanks to the policy support of LED lighting and the improvement of energy saving demand, the substitution effect of LED on traditional light sources continues to release, and the LED penetration rate continues to increase, It is estimated that the LED lighting penetration rate in China is expected to reach 61% in 2018

data source: prepared by forward looking Industry Research Institute

-- Analysis of average profit level

China is the world factory of lighting electrical products. The products are exported to 220 countries and regions, and the domestic lighting market accounts for more than 20% of the global lighting market. It continues to consolidate its position as a major producer, exporter and consumer of lighting electrical products

China's lighting industry has maintained a trend of rapid, stable and sustainable development over the past two decades. In 2017, the overall sales of the industry was about 580billion yuan, an increase of about 3.6% over 560billion yuan in 2016. The main reason is that, affected by the significant depreciation of the US dollar, although the export sales increased from 38.8 billion yuan in 2016 to 41.2 billion dollars, the contribution converted into RMB to the growth of overall sales is very limited

overall, although the overall sales of the whole industry is still growing, the growth rate has slowed down significantly compared with previous years, and has changed from the previous high-speed growth to the current stable growth. At present, China's lighting appliance industry is also in the stage of transformation and upgrading from traditional lighting to LED lighting. In recent years, the technology of LED lighting products has gradually matured, and the cost has decreased significantly. This makes the output of traditional lighting products decline year by year

2017, the cumulative profit margin of main business income of the national lighting industry was 6.96%, 0.69 percentage points higher than the average profit margin of main business income of the whole light industry

from the comparison of industry categories, the cumulative profit margin of main business income of electric light source manufacturing is 7.3%, higher than the other two categories

from the perspective of holding type, the profit margin of accumulated main business income of collective holding is the highest, 13.12%; The second is private holding. The cumulative profit margin of main business income is 7.4%, which is higher than the average level of the whole industry

from the perspective of regional comparison, Hainan, Gansu and Henan rank among the top three in the cumulative profit margin of main business income of the lighting industry in China. Among them, Henan, Sichuan and Hebei ranked among the top three regions in terms of cumulative main business income and profit margin of electric light source manufacturing

according to the enterprise size, the profit rate of the accumulated main business income of large enterprises is 8.84%, that of medium-sized enterprises is 7.21%, and that of small enterprises is 5.73%

analysis on the development trend and Prospect of China's LED lighting industry

- green energy conservation and environmental protection is the future development trend of the industry

the green lighting project aims to develop and promote high-tech LED lighting products, save electric energy, protect the environment and improve lighting quality. Through scientific sustainable lighting design, LED lighting products with high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and stable performance are adopted to improve the living environment and improve the quality of life, Create a safe, comfortable, economical and suitable environment

the green lighting project takes the government's full attention and macro guidance as the premise, the perfect laws, regulations, policies and management system as the guarantee, the scientific special lighting planning as the guidance, the efficient energy-saving and environmental protection lighting products as the foundation, and the advanced modern lighting technology as the means to meet the people's growing needs to improve the lighting quality and level, as well as to save energy For the purpose of protecting the environment and promoting the sustainable development of the national economy, the whole process of establishing an efficient, energy-saving, safe, economic, effective management and environment-friendly lighting system. Green lighting engineering is the need to promote sustainable economic development, the guarantee to improve lighting quality and level, and the effective way to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection

2. The overall objectives of China's green lighting projects by 2020 are:

① achieve substantial energy conservation and emission reduction through lighting power saving, promote social sustainable development, provide green lighting product support for building a well-off society in an all-round way by 2020, and provide lighting with the cultural characteristics of Chinese white pollution turning into green environmental protection products for building a modern country by 2050

② greatly reduce the energy consumption per kilolumen and build the lighting industry into an energy-saving and environmental friendly strategic emerging industry. Focus on the development of semiconductor lighting industry, and make breakthroughs in special lighting products. Popularize intelligent control and realize low-carbon lighting

③ realize the transformation of China from a large manufacturing country of green lighting products to a strong innovation and manufacturing country, and realize the transformation from quantity to quality, so as to promote independent innovation in the field of efficient lighting, master core technology and improve equipment level

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo and 2011 Shenzhen University Games are successful examples of green lighting projects, which have achieved significant social and economic benefits. The lighting engineering industry is known as the eternal "sunrise industry", and green lighting engineering is the development trend of the lighting engineering industry

3. Urban cultural lighting represented by cultural tourism nightscape lighting leads the industry trend.

"urban cultural lighting" aims to organically combine the regional culture of the city with functional lighting. By extracting cultural elements that can represent the local cultural characteristics and regional characteristics, and using them in the design of lighting schemes, the perfect combination of functional and artistic urban lighting can be achieved, So that the urban lighting facilities not only reflect the distinctive local color, but also effectively enhance the national cultural pride of local citizens

cultural tourism night scene lighting is not only a compound upgrade of traditional landscape lighting, but also a business card for City publicity. It is conducive to improving and shaping the city image and is of great significance to stimulate the new economic vitality of the city. On the one hand, the rapidly growing urban population will promote the nighttime commercial activities in the region, thus initially promoting the demand for landscape lighting. On the other hand, the urbanization process is accompanied by cultural construction. Local residents will put forward higher viewing requirements for landscape lighting, and the local municipal government will also express and transmit the cultural charm and unique style of the city through landscape lighting, gradually deriving night scene lighting in the form of cultural tourism, such as dynamic lighting show, Waterscape fountain, human light interaction, 3D performance and other cultural tourism science and technology composite products, to stimulate new urban space, bring new experience Create new value and create a new economic model of the concept of cultural tourism

China's urbanization rate continues to rise. By the end of 2015, China's urbanization rate has reached 56.10%. It is predicted that by 2030, China's urbanization rate will reach%. With the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, urban lighting is no longer a simple functional lighting, but an artistic creation activity based on psychological experience. For example, the representative "urban cultural lighting" with cultural tourism nightscape lighting just integrates art skills and urban cultural characteristics through lighting, takes lighting as an artistic means of expression, shows the most representative regional culture through urban lighting schemes, constructs or reshapes a unique urban image, and stimulates new economic vitality

as more and more cities begin to pay attention to the personalized design of urban lighting, urban cultural lighting will be reflected in more and more urban lighting schemes in the form of cultural tourism night scene lighting. Therefore, urban cultural lighting represented by cultural tourism night scene lighting also combines cultural and artistic experience with functional lighting techniques

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