Canon releases the world's first direct photo prin

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Canon released the world's first direct photo printer

with the rapid growth of the digital camera market, the application demand of digital images has become increasingly prominent. The traditional way of printing photos through PC can no longer fully meet the application needs of users, so the way of directly connecting printers through digital cameras came into being, abandoning PC terminals. For a long time, as a giant in the digital image market, Canon has been committed to the exploration and research of digital image technology and solutions, which are very expensive. On September 11, 2002, Canon held a grand press conference in Beijing to launch the world's first real direct photo printer S530D to the majority of digital image users

easy photoprint software is equipped as standard. The application of this standard and software ensures that the color of the image or photo taken from the digital camera can be faithfully restored to the printed photo, which saves the hard work of color adjustment on the PC, and can easily get absolutely true natural color. (digital cameras that support "shoot and play" include Canon power short s30/40 and the latest models. Please refer to Canon's relevant materials for details)

there is a built-in card reader in the upper left part of the fuselage. Through it, you only need to insert the matching memory card into the adapter and the memory socket, and then there is a very important control panel root on the upper right of the fuselage. Adjust the settings according to the printing requirements. At the same time, you can also use the optional 1.5 inch LCD monitor on the upper right of the fuselage to check and view the selected image, and then click the print button on the lower right of the fuselage to start printing. (compatible memory card types: compact flash, smart media, memory stick, flash ATA card (PCMCIA type II), microdrive SD card, multimedia card). Through the control panel, you can select the photos to be printed and personalize the print quality, print date, photo layout, etc

"shoot and play", Canon S530D color inkjet printing fully meets the mechanical standard machine for pipe inspection. While realizing innovative printing methods, it ensures the overall balance of high-quality, high-speed and low-cost printing

s530d high-density, multi nozzle print head is manufactured by semiconductor manufacturing process, with up to 1088 nozzles. At the same time, the high-speed ink droplet injection frequency greatly improves the printing speed compared with other similar products, with black-and-white printing of 14ppm and color printing of 10ppm. 2,400 × 1200dpi ultra-high resolution combined with Canon ultra fine ink drop technology produces 5pl ink drops. The plastic granulator, which minimizes the air resistance and further improves the position of the ink droplets when spraying at high speed, also causes serious environmental pollution and faithfully reproduces the image details. Photo realism technology naturally breaks through the shackles of the display sRGB color gamut, and the S530D prints photos lifelike

s530d high-speed borderless printing can make full use of standard paper (A4 and 4x6 ""). 4x6 "" borderless printing can output wonderful photos through PC in only 47 seconds, and printing directly through digital camera or memory card in only 65 seconds. Combined with Canon professional photo paper pr-101, the printed image can remain fadeless for 25 years (according to Canon test environment)

the independent ink box design is an advanced design adopted by canon on a large scale in inkjet printers. Various colors exist independently, and the printing cost is greatly saved by changing one color after use. S530D also adopts such a design, so that you don't have to worry about the pressure of printing cost, and enjoy the happiness brought by advanced and convenient printing technology

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