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Canon joined hands with technesis to improve the digital printing control system

canon (USA), as a leading supplier of digital imaging technology in the world, has recently launched a canon with technesis ε T=[l-l0 * 100]/l0imageprogram technology ibridge for printer software. This module can export the job log from Canon imageprogram large format printer and import it into technesis printing control system to track, cost accounting, report and price the job

with technesis software, the job data (such as the length, width, area and ink consumption of the substrate) can be set in advance, imported directly from the canon imageprogram controller, and then automatically transferred to the technesis database. Each job sent to the canon imageprogram printer can print reports and cost accounting. In this way, it is also convenient for users to price printed products by paper size, substrate, area and ink consumption

tracking and calculating printing costs is a growing demand of users, said Jim Rosetta, vice president and general manager of Canon (USA) imaging systems. The combination of ibridge software and imageprogram printer series helps users improve their ability to track and report large format printing projects

the canon imageprogram printer and technesis ibridge can only be put into use after strict testing.

the number of plastic machines imported into China in recent years is also rapidly promoting the integration, which is perfect. Users can track and cost accounting after a few minutes of setting. The advantage of Canon imageprogram users is that they can accurately account for each job, whether printing technical blueprints on securities paper or printing full posters on photographic glossy paper. Paulcollart, President of technesis, said

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