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Canon's sales target in Asia in 2012 is US $10billion

Canon's sales target in Asia in 2012 is US $10billion, and the turnover of Canon group in 2015 will reach 5 trillion yen

the target is radical

2011 Shanghai Canon Expo was unveiled by the Huangpu River in the shape of a luxury cruise ship Canon image ship on May 19

as the largest comprehensive Expo of Canon group, Canon Expo is held every five years. Starting from New York and passing through Paris and Tokyo, Shanghai is the last stop of the global tour of Canon Expo and its first appearance in Asia except Japan

the reason for this arrangement is that Canon chairman yushifu believes that Canon should help Canon improve its development speed by absorbing the growth momentum brought by the rapid development of China and Asia. Turning to the future strategy, he said that since 2011, the slogan of Canon's new five-year plan is rapid and steady growth, and strive to make Canon's turnover reach 5 trillion yen in 2015

in order to achieve this goal, yushifu hopes Canon will pay more attention to emerging markets including China, ASEAN and India, which emerged from the financial crisis at the earliest and have always maintained high-speed growth. The growth of traditional European and American markets has been difficult to expect, and the rising momentum of Japan is not optimistic because of the earthquake

he called China the driving force of the world economy, and believed that the country that should invest most is China. He said that in the future, he would concentrate operational resources such as talent, material resources and capital to carry out strong marketing and advertising in China, and planned to significantly expand the sales scale in China in the next five years, and the number of sales staff would increase from 2000 now to 10000 in 2015, So as to obtain more users and product sales in the Chinese market

under the guidance of this strategy, Xiushu Ozawa, President of Canon Asia Marketing, President and CEO of Canon (China), directly gave the sales target of Canon Asia to reach US $10billion by 2012 and strive to reach US $20billion by 2015. It is expected that the sales in the Chinese market will reach us $10billion by 2016

introduce more products

although the goal seems a little radical, Canon has long been the center's response while serving domestic customers. At present, it is introducing more products other than digital imaging into China to realize the in-depth mining of the Chinese market, such as medical devices, handheld terminal devices, broadcasting equipment and equipment. Now, Canon has begun to introduce security monitoring products into China

at this Expo, Canon exhibited 9 analog surveillance camera products and network surveillance camera products with the latest technology. These 9 types of analog surveillance cameras include hemispherical cameras, high-definition day night conversion gun cameras and intelligent high-altitude spherical cameras. These products will be mainly for government projects, financial projects, intelligent building projects, safe city projects, power and petrochemical, intelligent transportation, highways, high-speed rail and subway, schools, ports and airports, industrial and mining enterprises, commercial supermarkets, etc

Huang song, senior general manager of Canon (China) government, key customers and new business development department, revealed that the sales channel partner selected for Canon security monitoring products is digital China. As the sales channel of IT products, digital China's channels go deep into government procurement and other fields. The following standards include provisions

although Canon security monitoring products have just entered China, they hope to reach the first position in the market in the future. Canon will first introduce analog surveillance cameras and then network surveillance cameras in 2012. Hideki Ozawa hopes that Canon security monitoring products will become the main force of the market soon after entering the Chinese market

of course, the development potential of China's security market is also one of the key factors for Canon to introduce security monitoring products. Recently, the 12th Five Year Plan for the security industry was issued, and it is expected that the industrial scale will double, with a total output value of 500 billion yuan. The security industry is divided into physical security and electronic security, accounting for 1/3 and 2/3 of the market space respectively. Among them, video security accounts for about 58% of the market space of electronic security, that is, video security accounts for about 39% of the security industry. Therefore, the market scale of video security industry will reach 200 billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Judging from the development trend of China's security industry, it is still in a period of rapid development

Qing Nakamura, head of the VC business planning department of Canon Corporation, said that Canon security's main products are currently positioned in the medium and high-end market, and will launch more products to meet the needs of different industries, different environmental applications and different levels of customers in the future

in addition to the introduction of security monitoring products, Canon (China) and Ossi company of the Netherlands announced during the Expo that they had reached a joint market development agreement, in addition to requiring higher wear resistance and thermal performance. They would promote the sales, distribution and service of each other's enterprise products in the market of ELG company in China in the production printing, wide printing and inkjet printing markets. Our strategic goal is to become the first in China's professional digital printing field together with OSI. Hideki Ozawa said. In March last year, Canon acquired Aussie, the Netherlands, and currently holds 90% of the shares of Aussie. The inkjet equipment of Aussie jetstream series and the printing equipment of Aussie colorwave 600 have been released in China

after this series of layout, it is expected that China will surpass Japan to become one of Canon's largest markets in 2015. Said the washman

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