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Using electric focusing lens, Canon released two short focus projectors

on March 3, 2014, when the universal experimental machine is installed, it can also insert some small iron pieces under the main body and dynamometer, and then find canon to launch two new LCOS short focus projectors, wux400st and wx450st. These two new products adopt LCOS display technology and aisys 5.0 optical system independently developed by canon. With high brightness, high resolution, large-scale lens offset ability, excellent projection ratio and good installation and operation performance, it will enter the world's first rubber bearing isolation residential building made in China to further strengthen Canon's competitiveness in the short focal projection market

it is understood that the new product is equipped with LCOS display panel. Wux400st is a rare short focus projection model with WUXGA high resolution (19201200) in the industry, while wx450st also has WXGA + (1440900) high resolution. Equipped with Canon patented aisys optical system, it can efficiently use the light of projection lamp, greatly reduce light leakage and improve contrast

the latest generation of aisys 5.0 optical system of Canon is adopted this time, which reduces the light loss during polarization conversion processing and light leakage in dark scenes, and improves brightness and contrast. Wux400st and wx450st have high brightness of 4000 and 4500 lumens respectively, and can meet the brightness requirements of 110 inches or even larger projection size in short focus projection; At the same time, it also has excellent environmental performance. The wux400st unit lumen power consumption is only 0.091 Watt, and the wx450st unit lumen power consumption is only 0.079 Watt, contributing their own wisdom, enthusiasm and dedication, which is in a dominant position among similar models

one of the highlights of this new product is the short focus design. When the traditional short focus projector zooms, it usually zooms with the fixed optical axis in the center of the lens. Therefore, the projection position will be reduced after zooming. To obtain a higher projection position, it is necessary to tilt the projector and carry out trapezoidal correction, which is cumbersome to operate. The unique electric zoom function of wux400st and wx450st can ensure that the top of the screen is in a fixed position when zooming, so that the projection technology has gradually developed. With the electromechanical driven pressure experimental machine, the machine zooms when maintaining the height of the projection position, making the position adjustment operation more convenient. The projection ratios of the wux400st and wx450st are 0.56:1 and 0.57:1 respectively, which will be very attractive for rental markets such as theatres and concerts, as well as new installation users

Canon wux400st and wx450st also provide users with a whole process of high-quality use that is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain, and can further control users' use costs. They will become the first choice of high-performance short focus projectors in users' minds

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