A brief comment on the price of nylon yarn in Shen

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On November 8, a brief comment on the price of nylon filament in Shengze and Jiaxing

Shengze and Jiaxing are insulated for 20, 30, 60 and 90min respectively at a high temperature of 950 ~ 1250 ℃. At present, the semi extinction price of nylon fdy70d/24f is generally 27800 yuan/ton, and the price basically maintains the pre holiday level, but the trading volume has not been enlarged. Nylon FDY bright still maintains a certain trading volume. Recently, the trading volume of semi gloss nylon monofilament Market has increased. Among them, 30d semi gloss nylon monofilament Market is popular. Its main downstream weaving simulation silk fabric production volume is suitable for small batch production shrinkage. A small number of looms have been replaced with nylon interwoven "scarf yarn". From the downstream market situation, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry for "Nisi textile" fabrics has ushered in a golden period of Komen growth and rapid growth. The prices of 190T and 210t have been stable for a long time, including the sales of laminated materials, fiber-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, brocade cotton and Taslon. It is expected that the trading volume of nylon silk market will be enlarged next week, and the price market will mainly run smoothly

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