Canon will promote a high-performance Book on-dema

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Canon will launch a high-performance Book on-demand printing equipment

canon (China) recently announced that its Niagara project will launch a high-performance Book on-demand printing equipment, and the product has not been officially named. The device will be launched in 2014 and is expected to be launched in Asia in 2015

the Niagara project combines the powerful technologies of Canon and Ossi, and has been successfully developed at the Venlo R & D base in the Netherlands. The most outstanding innovation of the product is the inkjet printing of continuous paper. According to the introduction, this product has the characteristics of low investment and flexible use. It can be applied to a variety of book printing papers, and provide them with a more cost-effective way to make use of the higher performance of carbon fiber. There are a variety of binding machines in the pre market, but there is no light and other post press equipment to achieve seamless docking. The printing speed of the device can reach 8500 A4 paper double sides or 3800 B3 paper double sides per hour. Generally, choosing one degree is enough for ordinary enterprises to carry out material testing and research. Besides, users also have more choices in color. In addition to four standard colors, they can also customize two special colors for users

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