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Behind the donation of 150million by Cao Dewang, the "king of glass": affected by the epidemic, he earned 150million less per month

the outbreak of COVID-19 affects the hearts of millions of people. Entrepreneurs are no exception! Although the epidemic has also had a profound impact on Fuyao Group, as entrepreneurs, they can't forget their own society

Cao Dewang explained the reasons for the donation to the media, saying, "small and micro enterprises are small in size and scale. Some small and micro enterprises may not be able to start their original business due to the impact of the epidemic. Now the most important thing in China is to resume production. Our province discussed with me how to help small and micro enterprises resume production, and donated the money."

at present, the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is difficult, which is a reality that must be faced. The energy-saving transformation of plastic granulator has significant benefits. The operation of plastic granulator touches on a wide range of areas of the national economy. A recent survey shows that 85.01% of the enterprise's account capital balance can only be maintained for three months at most. In addition, 34% of enterprises can only last for one month, 33.1% of enterprises can last for two months, and only 9.96% of enterprises can last for more than six months

recently, a survey report released by the China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises showed that about 86.5% of the interviewed small and medium-sized enterprises said that their operations were greatly affected, of which nearly 30% reported that the impact was "particularly serious" and would lead to losses. Among them, the shortage of funds is the biggest difficulty for enterprises, and nearly 90% of the funds on the accounts of enterprises can not last for three months. According to the report, nearly 50% of the surveyed enterprises have made layoffs due to operational difficulties and financial difficulties

relevant experts said that small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for more than 90% of the total number of enterprises in China, and employed about 80% of the labor force to operate metal impact machines. Whether small, medium-sized and micro enterprises can tide over the difficulties determines the success or failure of the fight against the epidemic on the other hand

as a leader in the manufacturing industry, Mr. caodewang has long analyzed the impact of the epidemic on small and medium-sized enterprises. Caodewang said that the enterprise budget funds should be controlled within three months, and the turnover days are generally days. "It's your own business to survive for less than three months, and the enterprise must save itself." Caodewang believes that the epidemic situation is severe, and epidemic prevention should be ranked first! There is overcapacity in the manufacturing industry, so it is no problem to shut down for a few days. However, the tertiary industry hotels and restaurants have suffered a lot this time, so we should be realistic and arrange to resume work according to our own needs

since the outbreak of the new idea of epidemic disease, according to the suggestion of Mr. caodewang, the founder and chairman of Fuyao Group, Heren Charity Foundation has decided to donate 100million yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of Fuyao Group, "from 1983 to 2019, Cao Dewang has donated more than 11 billion yuan of personal assets (including 2.5 billion yuan in cash) for charity."

before the announcement of the additional donation, Fuyao Glass had purchased two batches of materials and donated them to Fujian through overseas institutions in Germany, France, Japan and other places to help fight the epidemic in his hometown. The leading batch of materials includes 2.41 million pieces of medical masks, gloves, protective clothing, goggles, isolation clothes, etc., with a total value of about 1.3 million euros, or 9.8 million yuan. The second batch of materials is 10000 masks, protective clothing, gloves, etc., worth 600000 yuan. So far, these two batches of materials worth more than 10million yuan have been received by relevant departments in Fujian Province

caodewang, who is famous for "daring to speak", said in a recent interview that Fuyao Group was also greatly affected by the epidemic. Originally, the global turnover was several billion a month. Under normal circumstances, it could earn 400 million profits. Now it is less than 250 million yuan, but it is still in the lead when 3D printing degradable plastics into a new favorite room to donate money to the country and buy masks for the country. Because I know that the top priority is to focus on eliminating the epidemic first, rather than taking the lead in solving the problems encountered by enterprises. In other words, caodewang's Fuyao Group now also loses 150million profits every month

previously, Mr. caodewang also focused on the supervision of donations: you should be careful when using caodewang's money and make good use of it. We will have very strict supervision. After the epidemic is over, we will check where our donations have been spent and where they have been put? Donation is a hard work, and there is a lot of work to be done - many of us supervise and manage the donation projects: where did the money go, who spent it, and how did it go? In 2011, I established the non-public Heren foundation. The foundation has allocated 1.67 billion yuan to foreign countries, and about 7.8 billion yuan has not been allocated. It is a difficult task to spend this money. I hope I can spend all this money when I am alive

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