Canon launched imagepress high-end commercial prin

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Canon launched imagepress high-end commercial printing machine

as a world-renowned manufacturer of imaging and related products, Canon has also been involved in the field of office equipment and printers. After all, compared with digital cameras, these products are much more profitable. Canon launched its large format inkjet equipment last year. Recently, a new high-end commercial printing system was introduced by the above-mentioned person in charge

Canon announced that it will officially launch the imagepress series of digital commercial printing system on August 4. The flagship product of this series is the model in the first picture above. Called c7000vp, this machine can print color or black-and-white photos, with 70 A4 specifications per minute. It can be seen from this parameter that this is a professional commercial printing equipment. The price includes the server version of 30million yen, about 2million yuan. It will be on sale in December

what will be sold on August 4 is the sub model of this series - C1. This product is small and similar to the size of a copier. It can print 14 color photos and 60 black-and-white photos per minute, all of which are A4 specifications. The price of this product is 3.4 million yen, about 230000 yuan

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