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Caodelu, Secretary General of Tianjin Packaging Association: set up the "big package" Design Committee

in the group discussion of the secretaries general of various places, caodelu, Secretary General of Tianjin Packaging Association, proposed a brand-new "big package" design concept. The price was moderate, and he felt the recognition of the delegates. Therefore, he used Secretary General Cao's rest time to interview him

Secretary General Cao said that packaging is originally a multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross industry industry. If the work of the association can be based on the concept of "big packaging" and combine cross industry departments horizontally, the development space is very broad. Aiming at the relatively developed industries in the city, such as food, medicine, beverage and health care products, which need to constantly develop new packaging, Tianjin Packaging Association expanded the original design committee, and absorbed food, medicine, beverage and alcohol enterprises and design companies, professional plate making manufacturers and large printing plants. The expanded new design committee is no longer a pure technical department. It can not only directly provide user Members with new packaging design schemes that can best meet their requirements, but also provide one-stop high-quality services from design, plate making to printing. Since the design companies, plate making enterprises and printing enterprises that join the new design committee are strictly screened by Tianjin Packaging Association, it is ensured that the packaging products of the design committee represent the top level of Tianjin packaging and printing industry

this "large packaging design committee" was established last October. The first batch of enterprises including 6 large printing enterprises, food associations and pharmaceutical packaging associations joined the Committee. The design committee mainly designs and manufactures supporting packaging for new products developed by users. For example, in order to meet the different requirements of the market, Tianjin distillery often needs to develop new products. Before joining the design committee, they need to look for design companies everywhere, contact plate making enterprises, and inspect the printing quality. If they can't achieve the purpose of promoting the sales of new wine, they have to constantly rework. Now, the design committee has a collective activity every quarter. Regular communication makes it easy for everyone to reach a consensus on the product requirements for the increasingly fierce competition in packaging and R & D of electric vehicles. Mutual discussion can not only design perfect packaging products, but also promote both suppliers and demanders to obtain the same degree of improvement without talking about relaxation testing machines. The new design committee also undertakes the function of improving the existing packaging products, which can help packaging end users solve the problem of reasonably reducing packaging costs and avoiding excessive packaging to fiber hand suits. Now, more and more enterprises have applied to join the design committee, and some famous design companies have also actively asked to join. The principle of Tianjin outsourcing association is to select the best, rather lack than abuse

packaging design includes product structure design, decoration design, etc. Secretary General Cao said that in order to upgrade product packaging, we must start with design, create more Tianjin packaging famous brand products, and further improve the level of Tianjin packaging industry. The new design committee has a long way to go. This kind of horizontal association between associations can not only make their respective members complementary and win-win, but also open up new ideas for the work of the association. After the "big package" Design Committee began to work, Secretary General Cao and his colleagues are planning to jointly hold the "Tianjin first food culture exhibition and sales fair" with the Food Association. I believe this cooperation will achieve win-win results. This new idea of Tianjin outsourcing association is worth popularizing

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