Canon once again takes the lead in the market shar

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Canon once again won the market share of the U.S. copier

as the industry's leading provider of digital imaging and office solutions, Canon U.S. company recently announced that last year, the company made full page copying, but so far, the market share of the copier in the United States 242 tempered and semi tempered glass country ranks first again with 21%. This data comes from the statistics of Gartner, an authoritative information technology research and consulting company in the United States, in the fourth quarter of 2008

Ted Nakamura, executive vice president and general manager of Canon imaging systems group, said: Despite the severe economic situation last year and the changes in the market pattern of digital copiers, Canon's award-winning digital copier technology is still the first choice for large and small enterprises to achieve this feature. From black and white to color, Canon has never stopped investing in technology, which enables us to create the greatest value in the digital imaging solution market

Gartner's research focuses on the market share of digital and analog technologies of color and black-and-white copiers, including household copiers (with a speed of pages per minute) and copiers with a speed of more than pages per minute

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