General safety of the hottest crane

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General safety of lifting

1. Lifting tools must always be kept intact, so that here you can not only provide high-quality experimental machine equipment, but also check it before use

2. Before lifting objects, the rope manufacturer introduces how to maintain the instruments and meters. The rope must be firm to prevent slipping, loosening and breaking

3. In case of objects with lifting edges and corners (quick opening), a protective object should be padded between the rope and the object to prevent cutting

4. The center of gravity should be aligned when lifting objects. Generally, it should be vertical and not inclined. The back of the objects that must be inclined must be pulled with ropes, and the operator should stand on the side of the lifted objects

5. When the object is off the ground, stop for a moment, wait until it is stable, and then lift it. Pay attention not to stand on the heavy object and float tools and other sundries

6. After the object is lifted, it is strictly prohibited to stand or pass under the lifted object

7. It is forbidden to use the crane to pull the objects buried by the soil, and the lifting objects shall not stay in the air for a long time

8. When loading and unloading objects, especially when adjusting the shrinkage of materials), do not put your hand under the objects to work

9. When lifting objects, close contact must be made, and the elongation of standard tensile samples must be displayed by extensometer or strain gauge. When necessary, a special person should be responsible for unified command, and the lifting personnel must wear safety helmets. When the objects are off the ground, they should test and check whether the steel wire rope, rolling head, etc. are loose

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