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The general rules for the labeling of prepackaged beverages and spirits was implemented in October, and the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged beverages and spirits (GB) will be officially implemented from October 1 this year. Beverage wine refers to alcohol string 5 beverages with alcohol accuracy greater than 0.5%, including beer, wine, fruit wine, Baijiu, etc

health warnings are not mandatory.

in addition to the adjustment of the alcohol accuracy range of beverages and alcohol and the labeling method of food additives, the new national standard also recommends that enterprises print "Persuasion" on the label,

such as "excessive drinking is harmful to health", "pregnant women and children should not drink" and other health warnings. This is the first time that China has put forward requirements for persuasion signs in the form of national standards

wuchuangyu, Guangdong executive director of Jiangkou alcohol Zhuge wine, believes that this is a manifestation of the progress of the times according to the gb/t17671 ⑴ 999 cement mortar strength test method. Lihuiping, chief engineer of Zhujiang Beer, revealed to that at present, similar persuasive words have only been marked on export products. Zhao Xiaojing, general manager of Jinwei beer brand management department, said that the label was being revised

alcohol advertising may be limited in the future

some enterprises have revealed that this may be a signal bomb, because there is news that the state will introduce a new deal to restrict Baijiu advertising. Zhusixu, head of the Guangdong provincial liquor monopoly administration, said that promoting health and safety is the direction of liquor management, but there is no updated policy at present

it is understood that most countries have taken restrictive measures and publicity and education on alcohol advertising. For example, in France, alcohol advertisements cannot be put on films, television and radio, and the words "excessive drinking is harmful to health" and "please consume as much" must be marked in bold font; Some countries even stipulate that spirits above 40 degrees are not allowed to be advertised in the media. Relatively speaking, China's current restrictions on alcohol advertising are relatively loose

source: China's industrial economy

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