General rules for safe operation of electric hoist

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General rules for safe operation of crane and electric hoist (5)

16. Crane operators must seriously 'nine no lifting':

1 adopt a heat treatment scheme combining solid solution treatment and repeated aging treatment, which can meet the requirements of alloy on strength) inclined lifting

2) overload without lifting

3) do not lift if the bulk is too full or not tied firmly

4) do not lift if the command signal of elastic modulus is unclear

5) do not lift without protective measures because the edge of the lifted object is sharp

6) do not lift when standing on the lifting object

7) do not lift the workpiece buried underground

8) do not lift if the safety device fails

9) do not lift if the light is dark and the lifting object cannot be seen clearly

17. After work or before leaving the operation post, the crane should stop at the specified position, raise the hook, drive the trolley to both ends of the track, resist high temperature, place the control handle in the off position, and cut off the power supply. 3. Balancing machine (including on-site balancing instrument)

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