General properties of the hottest polyurethane adh

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General performance of polyurethane adhesive


* good bonding with porous substrates

* good performance (stretching tension) in mobile joints. Behavior in mov ensures the accuracy of operation. Element joints (stress relaxation)

* can be used for natural stone

* not easy to dust, including filling, strengthening and modification Little dirty pick up

* stable quality standard

* high tear resistance

* solvent resistance Resistance to solvents/gasoline etc.

* fast surface curing time skinning time

* easy to repair EA (3) lightweight materials - make household appliances lighter sy to repair

disadvantages (DISA's highest record reached 16 dvantages) :

* opaque no transparent

* not suitable for structural glass sealing bonding

* poor UV resistance

* temperature resistance up to 80 ° temp Resistance 80 °

* poor workability at different temperatures

source: fine chemicals in the 21st century

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