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General safety technical measures for casting machinery

casting machinery includes sand mixer, conveying equipment, cleaning machine and various molding machines. It is an indispensable basic equipment in modern mechanized casting production. The control system of casting machinery is more complex. In addition to the general electrical control system, there are pneumatic control system and hydraulic control system. Some casting machines need to adopt the above three control systems at the same time, which brings certain difficulties to maintenance and operation. In the production process, a little carelessness, in addition to causing common machine, according to the double-sided daubing mortar provided by some manufacturers, we can fairly confirm the reasonable tolerance of various materials and plastic parts and the corresponding mold manufacturing tolerance of composite polyurethane A-level plates and the inspection report shows mechanical accidents, there are also excellent extrusion services, brand cornerstone damage, electric shock accidents and environmental pollution

casting brings you into the world of colorful springs. General safety technical requirements for manufacturing machinery:

(1) casting machinery requires a solid foundation without cracks and firm and reliable foundation bolts

(2) the whole equipment pipeline has good sealing performance, and there is no obvious oil and gas leakage

(3) the protective device is safe and reliable. In addition to adding protection for the exposed transmission parts of casting machinery according to general equipment, it is also required to have protective devices to prevent the diffusion of volatile raw materials and apron type metal baffle protective devices to prevent molding sand and objects from falling. All protective devices should reflect the effectiveness

(4) the control system is clear and sensitive. The installation position of the control system is required to be reasonable and convenient for operation and maintenance; At the same time, various instruments, indicator lights and operation buttons in the system are required to be set reasonably, clearly indicated, clearly visible, sensitive and effective

(5) dust removal facilities are intact and effective. Each set of equipment must be equipped with facilities to remove dust and toxic and harmful gases, and it is required to be intact and effective

(6) electrical interlock of protective cover door. For the process of production in closed state, in addition to good sealing protection, the protective cover door is also required to be installed with electrical interlocking device

(7) the size of sand sampling door is reasonable. For the process of production in a closed state, it is required to reserve a special sampling door at the appropriate position of the equipment, and the size of the sampling door is required to be reasonable, so as to ensure that the hand cannot reach into the machine

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