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Henan released the key work in 2020: promote the construction of Ge wind power equipment manufacturing base project

recently, the people's Government of Henan Province issued the notice on clarifying the key work units in 2020 proposed in the government work report (hereinafter referred to as the notice), breaking down the key work tasks in 2020 proposed in the government work report and clarifying them to all units

the Notice includes nine parts, namely, promoting steady economic growth, promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry, firmly fighting and winning the three key battles, promoting reform and opening up in depth, improving the level of new urbanization, solidly implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy, accelerating the construction of ecological civilization, effectively ensuring and improving people's livelihood, and comprehensively improving the efficiency of government governance. Each part is subdivided into several articles and implemented to all units

this year, Henan will complete the Henan section of the Taiyuan Jiaotong high-speed railway, start the third phase project of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, promote the double thousand highway project with high quality, complete the construction of Qianping reservoir, start the construction of the Guanyinsi regulation and storage project of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, complete the Qingdian Henan project and six liquefied natural gas emergency reserve centers, the rapid development of China's extruder market, start the construction of Pingdingshan Salt cave gas storage, and realize the full 5g coverage of urban areas above the county seat, We will resolutely govern the behavior of red top associations and monopoly intermediaries asking for money from enterprises in accordance with the law

the notice requires that the government should take the initiative to serve private enterprises that have advantages in adhering to their main business and technical products, but encounter temporary difficulties in the stable operation and liquidity of the domestic coke market, and strengthen the connection between government, bank and enterprise. Establish standardized and institutionalized communication channels between government and enterprises, listen to entrepreneurs' opinions more, understand entrepreneurs' difficulties more, help enterprises overcome difficulties more, and let entrepreneurs feel at ease and concentrate on career development

accelerate the construction of Kunpeng ecological innovation center and Huanghe brand Kunpeng server base, support the construction of Kunpeng software Town, and attract a group of people. 1. During the maintenance of the host machine, the fixture should be coated with antirust oil for storage; Flagship backbone enterprises should always be cleaned at the jaw. Promote the construction of Gree intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing base, Shuanghui multiplication project and other major projects

this year, Henan will also ensure that the National Supercomputing Zhengzhou center and the national technology transfer Zhengzhou center will be put into operation within the year. We will start the construction of agricultural supply safety laboratories and underground engineering equipment technology innovation centers, arrange and build 10 provincial laboratories and provincial technology innovation centers, and create a national manufacturing innovation center

accelerate the transformation from managing enterprises to managing capital, and promote breakthroughs in the pilot of state-owned capital investment and operating companies. Adhere to one policy for one enterprise, promote enterprise by enterprise, comprehensively improve the governance structure and operation mechanism of state-owned enterprises, and highlight the need for accurate records, administrative and strong marketization

the notice requires that the policies and measures to relax the market access of private enterprises be fully implemented, all kinds of hidden barriers be broken, and all kinds of market entities be guaranteed to use resource elements equally according to law and participate in competition openly, fairly and fairly. Establish a long-term mechanism for clearing and preventing arrears of private enterprises. Protect the legitimate property of private enterprises and entrepreneurs

accelerate the development of base aviation, expand and optimize the route network, and support the development of Zhengzhou Luxembourg air Silk Road mail business. Improve the integrated operation quality of China Europe train (Zhengzhou) transportation and trade, start the construction of the second node of Zhengzhou international dry port, and expand southern European routes. Continue to innovate the supervision mode, promote the replication and promotion of 1210 mode abroad, support enterprises to establish public overseas warehouses, and open up new channels for cross-border e-commerce exports. Establish a provincial multimodal transport platform, formulate standards and specifications for multimodal transport, and promote the whole process single order system and standardized transportation of international logistics

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