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Henan: moon cakes are not allowed to be decorated with gold foil

if the moon cakes are decorated with gold foil, although it is not considered as moon cake packaging, it is still illegal. Yesterday, the Henan Provincial Department of Health issued an urgent notice requiring strict inspection of moon cakes produced and processed with non food raw materials

recently, the health supervision office of Henan Provincial Department of health found that some mooncakes sold by businesses were decorated with non food raw materials such as gold foil. "Using non food raw materials to produce and process moon cakes violates the relevant provisions of the food hygiene law." The person in charge of nano porous silicon thermal insulation materials said

it is understood that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures for the administration of new resource food, after applying for new resource food to the Ministry of health, the new resource food approved for use can be processed into food. "Gold foil" is not a food raw material, nor is it a new resource food approved by the Ministry of health. Therefore, the use of "gold foil" and other non food raw materials in the production and processing of moon cakes should be investigated and dealt with according to law

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the Provincial Department of health also requires all regions to strictly check whether the PVC resin and other packaging materials used for moon cakes meet the relevant national health standards. It is strictly prohibited to use moon cake packaging materials that have not been certified according to the relevant requirements, and waste newspapers and dirty paper are not allowed to be used to package moon cakes. During the purchase process, if citizens find the above illegal acts, they can report them to the provincial health supervision office ()

information source: Oriental today news

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