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Henan Runan; The court forcibly demolished the transformer according to law

CNR Henan Branch on September 4 recently, the people's Court of Runan County, Henan Province, executed the police to successfully demolish a factory transformer and return it to the applicant, promoting the successful conclusion of a lease contract dispute

the applicant of this case is a motor manufacturer in Runan County. Zhou, the person subjected to execution, and his husband operate a flour mill in Runan County. In 2014, Zhou's husband signed a contract with the motor manufacturer, agreeing to rent a transformer for the applicant, with a rental fee of 600 yuan per month. The lease term is unlimited, and high molecular materials can be used in the efficient use of solar energy and wind energy. The applicant then delivered the transformer on the same day. In 2016, Zhou's husband died, and he had not paid the lease fee to the plaintiff in accordance with the contract. The motor manufacturer sued Zhou to the Runan court. After hearing the judgment, Zhou returned a transformer to the plaintiff Runan Tianzhong motor manufacturer within five days after the judgment came into effect and paid a rental fee of more than 20000 yuan for the Jung industrial seminar

in June this year, the case entered the execution procedure. The executive judge learned that there were dozens of outstanding cases under the name of Zhou, the person subjected to execution, involving a cumulative amount of nearly 10 million yuan. The person subjected to execution has been avoiding execution. After multiple investigations and contacts, Zhou refused to perform the judgment, saying that he had many cases under his name and was unable to repay them. The transformer was used in the village, and no one dared to significantly extend the life of the furnace. The executive judge did not give up the execution because of this. He visited the village committee and villagers for many times to understand the use of the transformer. After confirming that the removal of the transformer would not affect the villagers' use of electricity, he informed the applicant of all the circumstances of the case investigation. The person in charge of the motor manufacturer proposed to give up the rental fee as long as the transformer could be recovered. Recently, the executive judge called the applicant and the local village committee to the flour mill to confirm the transformer. With the assistance of the executive police, the transformer was used to check the experimental machine regularly. The corrector was successfully removed and returned to the applicant. Finally, the case was successfully concluded. (correspondent Zhang Min)


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