Analysis on the price of plastic raw material HDPE

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On February 24, the price analysis of plastic raw material HDPE

I. market overview

pe market performance was calm, and the price was slightly sorted out. At present, the market is mainly lack of positive incentives. Although the construction of downstream factories has been resumed, there are not many real market purchases. Traders basically take a wait-and-see attitude in the case of poor transactions

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

oil prices fell on Friday. WTI light and low sulfur crude oil futures for March delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell $1.13 to $29.64 a barrel, down 3.7%. London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) April Brent crude oil futures fell $1.27 to $33.01 a barrel, down 3.7%

on Tuesday (February 23), the market price of ethylene in Asia rose partially, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia rose by $25 to close at 959 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices rose $15 to close at 954 5 dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

market quotations rise and fall. The downstream demand follows up slowly, and just needs to be traded

PE prices in Shunde market were sorted out in intraday. Linear futures opened low, fluctuated and rose. The mentality of merchants was general, and they shipped according to the market. The downstream demand followed slowly, and the firm offer was negotiated

PE prices in Xi'an market were sideways adjusted. Linear futures opened low and fluctuated upward. Market trading was cautious, and traders offered according to the market. Downstream demand followed slowly, mainly through negotiation

PE price shock consolidation in Chongqing market. Linear futures opened low and fluctuated. The inquiry situation was flat, and traders offered according to the market. The terminal demand is weak, the level of taking goods is general, and the firm offer transaction is more negotiated

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. PetroChina East China HDPE pricing is stable, with 6097 (Daqing Petrochemical) at 8700 yuan/ton, 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) at 8500 yuan/ton, and 8920 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) at 8400 yuan/ton

the listing price of HDPE in South China of CNPC was reduced. 5000S (Daqing Petrochemical) fell 300 yuan to 9100 yuan/ton, 5000S (Lanzhou Petrochemical) fell 200 yuan to 9000 yuan/ton, and 7750m (Fushun Petrochemical) fell 300 yuan to 8900 yuan/ton

CNPC North China is not in line with Beijing's even if Huang Rongxun takes out various national certified quality certificates "technical regulations", the individual listing price of HDPE is increased, 8920 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) is reported at 8300 yuan/ton, 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) is reported at 8400 yuan/ton, and 6097 (Daqing Petrochemical) is increased by 100 yuan to 8800 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotations of some brands of HDPE in the spot of sinoplastics were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton, of which 2911/Fushun ethylene was the lowest reported at 8600 yuan/ton (down 100), 5604f/Siam, Thailand was the lowest reported at 9100 yuan/ton (down 50), dmda-8008/Dushanzi Petrochemical was the lowest reported at 9150 yuan/ton (down 250), fhc7260/Fushun Petrochemical was the lowest reported at 9500 yuan/ton (up 300)

and does not coincide with the main needle

v. future market forecast

the inventory pressure of petrochemical enterprises will not be reduced, some continue to reduce the ex factory price, and the market will follow the decline and weaken. Despite the continuous positive upstream, it has limited support for the current market. As the real demand is basically not released, the overall market is difficult to make a decent change. It is expected that the short-term market will continue to digest resources, and the future trend may gradually improve

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