Analysis on the price of plastic raw material HDPE

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On January 4, the price of plastic raw material HDPE continued to rise. Some petrochemicals continued to raise prices at the beginning of the month. Coupled with the recent tight supply of raw materials, the market rose on support. However, the purchasing intention of downstream factories is weak, the market trading enthusiasm is not high, and the volume of firm offer is general

brief introduction to the upstream market

on Thursday (December 31), the oil price closed up, and the February futures of U.S. WTI crude oil closed up $0.44, or 1.20%, at $37.04/barrel. Brent crude oil futures for February ended up $0.82, or 2.25%, at $37.28/barrel

on Thursday (December 31), the quotation of ethylene market in Asia was stable, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia remained stable and closed at 1074 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices remained stable at 1084 5 dollars/ton

local market prices

market quotations are stable and small. The demand continues to be flat, and the firm offer is a single deal

Shantou PE market price sideways. In the morning, petrochemicals' intention to raise prices is still high, but morning futures are weak, merchants' mentality is unstable, and traders' offers are mostly sorted out in a narrow range

PE prices in Xinjiang were partially adjusted. At present, most of the market offers are stable, some goods are few and the price is high, and the mentality of merchants is general, mainly horizontal

PE prices in Shunde market rose slightly. Linear futures opened high, fluctuated and fell, and merchants' mentality was general, so they shipped according to the market. The downstream demand is slow, and the transaction is dominated by rigid demand

in terms of the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

the listing price of HDPE in South China of PetroChina rose, 8 the hammer of American steel and aluminum import tariff fell for several months. 008 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) rose 100 yuan to 8800 yuan/ton, 7750m (Fushun Petrochemical) rose 100 yuan to 9200 yuan/ton, 6097 (Daqing Petrochemical) rose 100 yuan to 8900 yuan/ton

the pricing of HDPE in PetroChina Southwest increased, and 8920 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) rose. Welcome to consult. 100 yuan was increased to 8400 yuan/ton, 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) was increased by 100 yuan to 8500 yuan/ton, and 5000S (Daqing Petrochemical) was increased by 100 yuan to 9450 yuan/ton

the price of HDPE in North China of CNPC increased, 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) increased by 100 yuan to 8500 yuan/ton, 5000S (Daqing Petrochemical) increased by 200 yuan to 9300 yuan/ton, and 8920 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) increased by 100 yuan to 8100 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of HDPE in the spot of China Plastics Co., Ltd. has been mixed, with a range of yuan/ton. As mentioned above, in order to ensure the size of the outer diameter of the product cable, 52518/Iranian Petrochemical minimum reported 8200 yuan/ton (down 100), 9001/Taiwan Plastic minimum reported 9. Only by mastering the correct method, 800 yuan/ton (down 50), dmda-8008/Baofeng energy minimum reported 8600 yuan/ton (down 100), Fhc7260/Fushun Petrochemical reported a minimum of 9200 yuan/ton (up 600)

future forecast

the current market atmosphere is quiet and the market is mainly stable. At the end of the month, traders had a strong wait-and-see mood and few operations. Downstream factories insisted on purchasing on demand, and their willingness to cover positions was not strong, and the actual transaction did not improve significantly. It is expected that the market will be consolidated in the short term

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