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Henan new machine two new machines appear in Shanghai international printing and packaging exhibition

on July, Shanghai international printing and packaging exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. At that time, the new machine will grandly launch two new models, xj5142d full-size five color lithography machine and xj4103 large folio four-color lithography machine. The new aircraft booth is located in area C of hall E3. The booth number is 3agc aerocomposites (supplier of composite aerospace components),,,,, and the total booth area is 3. With the complication of the vertical bag shape, the total booth area is 60 ㎡

new machine the xj5142d full-size five color lithographic printer exhibited this time has a maximum speed of 9000 sheets/hour, is equipped with an electric version pulling and ink remote control system, and the maximum paper size of LDI and dl-la is 1450106mm. This machine is specially customized for Kunshan customers; Xj4103 large split four-color lithographic printing machine adopts special bearings imported from Germany to support the printing machine drum, double diameter embossing, paper transfer and delivery rollers, vacuum variable speed paper feeding, pneumatic water separation, ink separation, clutch pressure, alcohol fountain and computer-controlled zoned ink remote control system. The maximum printing speed of the machine is 12000 sheets/hour

dimensions of the exhibition prototype (length, width and height):

xj5142d large full sheet five color offset press: 135004350 2576mm

xj411 Sample 03 large split four-color offset press: 911639362408mm

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