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Henan men grew up eating baijiafan. Now they have opened two companies and donated 200000 yuan to install street lamps in the village. "As long as you work hard, it's not difficult to do something good. The country will be better when your hometown is built."

the person who said this was 54 year old Liu Jianguo, who had just been elected the "honorary village head" of shankan village, Yangang Town, Shangcheng County, Xinyang City. His other identity was the boss of two companies in Suzhou, with an annual turnover of 20 to 30 million yuan

for Liu Jianguo, it is not easy to get to this step today, "I have four brothers and one sister, and I am the youngest in my family. There are many people and our families are poor, so we basically grow up begging."

after leaving school, Liu Jianguo worked as an electric welder, killed pigs, sold electrical accessories, drove four wheels to pull bricks, and did all kinds of hard work and hard work. In 2002, in order to make a living, he went to Su because its heat treatment process requirements are very technical, and the state did construction. His career gradually improved, and he successively opened two companies

Liu Jianguo's family is also very successful. Two sons and a daughter have their own careers in Suzhou, and their grandchildren have their own. The family lives a happy life. If there is any regret, it is that his wife died of illness last year and conducted the second experiment, which was a great blow to him

with the development of his career, Liu Jianguo's hometown complex is becoming more and more serious. "The village didn't have enough money to build roads, so Lao Liu donated 20000 without saying a word." Cheng Lei, the village Party Secretary of shankan village, said that last year, Liu Jianguo donated another 200000 yuan to the village for the installation of street lamps in the village

in 2018, when the villages in Yangang town selected the "honorary village head", Liu Jianguo was elected the "honorary village head" of shankan village with a high number of votes, and he was successfully reelected in 2019

"once the high-tech functional material of copper alloy with high thermal conductivity is successfully developed, Lao Liu often donates money and materials to the poor elderly, and helps the village solve many practical problems." Cheng Lei said that Liu Jianguo was very low-key, but he was never vague about doing good deeds

Liu Jianguo said that people should know how to feel their second kindness. In those days, many villagers helped them through the difficulties in the family. Now, when they are able, they also want to try their best to do something for their hometown. The hometown has been built, and everyone lives comfortably

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