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Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (dcsx) announced that enta Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. (enta) (yiningliang group) was successfully approved for listing. China time (June 6), enta Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. (enta) (yiningliang group) successfully obtained the listing approval announcement issued by Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (dcsx)

the announcement shows that it has promoted the in-depth cooperation between Dongqing and these enterprises in the fields of air chemical industry, electronic technology and commercial aircraft. Enta is a company registered in the Cayman Islands, osaitop electrical (HK) Limited is a 100% holding subsidiary of enta, and Guiming lighting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a 100% holding subsidiary of osaitop

the wholly-owned subsidiary of Guiming lighting is Shenzhen yiningliang Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as yiningliang lighting), with a shareholding ratio of 100%, which is the wholly-owned holding company of yiningliang group

according to the data, yiningliang lighting, founded in 2004, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in tackling key White LED technology and semiconductor indoor lighting. The company's business scope includes LED packaging, LED lamp manufacturing, LED power supply, LED soft light strip, etc. it has continuously led the high-end LED lamp strip for many years, especially the LED soft light strip is well-known, and 70% of its products are exported to Europe, America and all over the world

Liu Yuangui, chairman of yiningliang lighting, said that this is a memorable day. Shenzhen yiningliang Lighting Co., Ltd. officially approved its IPO on the main board of the Netherlands through the Netherlands Caribbean stock exchange, with the shareholder code enta. Enta's listing on the main board of the Netherlands this time is the first Chinese LED lighting enterprise to be listed on the main board of Europe. It will certainly enhance the influence and popularity of enta brand in the EU and international market. This is a happy event and a milestone in the development of the enterprise. The next goal is to be listed on the main board of the United States or China in 58 years! Make the enterprise stronger and bigger! come on. Yi ningliang

the listing sponsor of the company is Shanghai chucheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. (chucheng capital). This is the sixth listed company recommended by Chu Cheng capital to be listed on the Caribbean stock exchange of the Netherlands

it is reported that in terms of capital market, Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange in human history invented by the Netherlands in 1602 during microcomputer operation, and its capital market is highly mature. However, after the Netherlands joined the EU, Amsterdam Stock Exchange merged with the stock exchanges of many EU countries such as Paris Stock Exchange and Brussels Stock Exchange in September 2000 to form a pan European exchange. However, the Netherlands still maintains the Dutch Caribbean securities exchange in cura ç Ao, the Netherlands Caribbean region. The stock exchange is also the only local stock exchange and is the main board capital market

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