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As a new development direction of furniture in the future, whole house customized furniture is both an opportunity and a challenge for many furniture brands

when rooms of various house types and decoration styles emerge in endlessly, popular furniture is eclipsed, and whole house customization gradually appears in people's vision. As a new development direction of furniture in the future, whole house customized furniture is both an opportunity and a challenge for many furniture brands

customized furniture for the whole house - advantage analysis

1 Meet personalized needs

with the development of society, consumers pay more and more attention to the improvement of life taste. On the basis of practicality, furniture has increasingly highlighted its artistic value and aesthetic function. Different from the traditional furniture enterprises' mode of mass furniture R & D and production based on market research, whole house customization subdivides the market into individuals and allows consumers to participate in the design themselves. Pay attention to in-depth communication with consumers in the design process, and can fully combine consumers' living habits and aesthetic standards. Meet individual needs

2. Reflect personal taste

for modern people, furniture is not only a practical product, but also represents a life attitude. Customized furniture can not only make rational use of various spaces in the home, but also match the whole home environment. For example, if the overall wardrobe is customized, the wardrobe can be embedded in the wall, equipped with a suitable sliding door, the wardrobe will be integrated with the whole decoration style, and it can also be customized according to the owner's personality to fully reflect the owner's taste

3. New marketing mode

in the traditional marketing mode, furniture enterprises in order to maximize profits, reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market encounters a little unexpected, this kind of mass-produced furniture will inevitably lead to unsalable or overstock due to similarities, resulting in a waste of resources. The whole house customization is produced according to consumer orders, and there is almost no inventory, which accelerates the capital turnover

customized furniture for the whole house - defect analysis

1 The work details are complicated

all links from consumer demand analysis to ordering, production organization, distribution, door-to-door installation and service must be linked, and there must be no deviation in the process of product customization, which involves a lot of board parts and hardware. This requires that the enterprise management system must be rigorous, and the work must be meticulous. At the same time, it also tests the comprehensive quality of employees

2. High requirements for enterprise strength

now the whole house customization is becoming increasingly popular. Some enterprises that do not have strength blindly follow the trend, relying on imitation and Shanzhai to fight a price war on the basis of no technical strength and talent precipitation, resulting in blocked development. As the whole house customization has high threshold, many requirements and complex process, it requires high hard power of enterprises to do well

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