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Home decoration is a major event, and the money that should be spent cannot be less. Tighten your belt and try to do better decoration

customers consult experts about which kind of paint to buy. Now home decoration emphasizes environmental protection, and naturally recommend water-based wood paint to him. The customer was stunned: "it's the paint for painting the wall, not the paint used on wood." The expert was also stunned: "what is used on the wall is latex paint, not paint." Due to the problem of usage habits, the names of coating products are confused, which makes the manufacturer choose a name in the publicity quite a headache. To this end, experts are specially invited to dispel doubts for consumers and correct the name of "paint"

"paint" ≠ "paint"

the name of paint has been used most widely and for a long time. In the early domestic coatings, vegetable oil was mostly used as the main raw material, "paint" replaced "paint", and "paint" replaced "paint", and the names "oiler" and "painter" came into being. The chemical term "coating" is interpreted as "a liquid substance with flow expansibility, which can form a continuous solid film with protective, decorative or special properties when applied to the surface of the object". Divided by the dissolution medium, coating includes water-based coating and oil-based coating. Water-based coating is used as diluent, and oil-based coating is used as chemical solvent. What we are used to saying "paint" is actually a category of coating. The name of "paint" is more scientific and accurate. Consumers still have a misunderstanding about paint, that is, they think that "paint" refers to water-based and environmentally friendly, but the product grade is not high, "paint" is oily, and the environmental protection effect is slightly poor, but the product grade is high, which is the misunderstanding caused by the confusion of names

emulsion paint ≠ interior wall paint

emulsion paint is the main decoration building materials. The explanation of chemical terminology is: lotion adhesive synthesized with petrochemical products as raw materials, that is, a kind of paint based on lotion. The "emulsion paint" is the common name of emulsion paint. Latex paint can be divided into interior wall paint and exterior wall paint according to the position of use. Many consumers think latex paint is interior wall paint. Emulsion paint can also be divided into water-based and oil-based. Oil based emulsion paint is characterized by fast drying, easy leveling, strong adhesion and good weather resistance. It is often used as exterior wall paint. However, due to the use of organic solvent as diluent, the environmental protection performance is worse than that of water-based emulsion paint. It is rarely used in indoor decoration, and consumers have little contact with oil-based emulsion paint. Even if it is used, it is also a kind of porcelain imitation paint

good paint ≠ good effect

some consumers reported that the wall coating began to crack, blister and even peel off less than a year after their occupancy, and they suspected that they had bought fake and inferior products. Industry experts said that buying a good coating is not necessarily a good coating effect. As the saying goes, "three paints, seven construction", no matter how good the quality of paint, it also needs proper construction to show its effect. Take latex paint as an example. In the coating process, it is very important whether the dilution ratio of the paint is strictly in accordance with the use amount provided by the manufacturer. Too high viscosity will make the latex paint hang, and too low viscosity will cause poor coverage; Too high humidity of the environment will also cause bubbling; In addition, substrate treatment and coating experience of construction personnel will have an impact on the effect




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