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The house is not only a rest place to shelter from the wind and rain, but also its comfort and taste factors are increasingly showing the identity of the owner, so people gradually pay attention to the decoration of the house, but at the same time, the decoration of the house is also a big project, once completed, it is irreversible, so before the decoration of the house, we must make good preparations

1. Determine the decoration style and layout

the style and layout of the house must be refined according to the requirements and opinions of all residents, so as to ensure that the decorated house can meet the requirements of residents to the greatest extent, and also avoid complaints from your family as the person in charge of decoration. Moreover, after the decoration style and layout are determined, the design drawings issued by the decoration company can be guaranteed to meet the requirements to the greatest extent, and the waste of time caused by repeated modification of drawings can be avoided

2. Determine the household appliances and furniture that need to be purchased

now, many people are used to purchasing appliances and furniture after the decoration is completed, which will lead to a small choice, and they may not be able to buy what they particularly like. After confirmation, write down the size and relevant technical parameters

3. Reasonable arrangement of funds

after the furniture and electrical appliances are determined, the remaining decoration funds must be reasonably arranged to avoid being sloppy and hasty. In home decoration, floors, wires and water pipes must follow the principle of quality first, and the rest can be selected according to the remaining funds. The use frequency of the floor is high, so it must be anti-skid and wear-resistant; If the wire is in the wall, poor quality may lead to no electrical appliances, fire, etc., and it is not easy to replace; Once the water pipe breaks, it will cause more trouble and greater economic losses for repair

4. Determine the direction of the circuit, relevant sockets, switches, etc.

after the electrical appliances and furniture are determined, we can determine the placement position, the required space, and the location of sockets. Adding these to the requirements provided to the decoration company can make the layout of the house more reasonable and meet our needs. It can also avoid pulling many open lines and temporary lines at home after the decoration is completed, so as to avoid potential safety hazards and unsightness

house decoration must not be too troublesome. You should visit the building materials market more, communicate more with friends who have been decorated, learn from various experiences, and do enough homework before starting decoration. Otherwise, crossing the river by touching a stone will lead to a waste of money and time

fully understanding these matters can make you get twice the result with half the effort and save more trouble in decorating your house




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