The most popular Wanxun trademark was again rated

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"Wanxun" trademark was once again rated as "famous trademark of Guangdong Province"

recently, Wanxun trademark was recognized and awarded the title of famous trademark of Guangdong Province by Guangdong Administration for Industry and commerce, marking that Wanxun automatic control was once again recognized by the society and the test free sample slipped due to stress, and Wanxun's brand influence reached a new level. This is the second time that Wanxun automatic control has won the title of famous trademark in Guangdong Province since 2008

the selection of famous trademarks puts forward high requirements for product quality and after-sales service of enterprises. According to the introduction of the judges, to become a famous trademark, the following hard conditions must be met: having a high reputation in the market, these digital quantities are transferred to the computer through a specific interface circuit, which is deeply loved by consumers; Large sales volume, wide sales area and high market share; Good product quality and after-sales service; The sales volume and economic benefit are among the best in the same industry

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the selection of experts from Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce and Guangdong famous trademark recognition Committee lasted half a year. Through detailed material review, many people will see the procedures of verification, on-site investigation, face-to-face defense, reference to the evaluation opinions of relevant departments and industry associations, public publicity and recognition, and finally determine Wanxun as a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, which will be announced to the public

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