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Seal up the warehouse illegally storing 34 tons of hazardous chemicals

seal up the warehouse illegally storing 34 tons of hazardous chemicals

August 25, 2015

[China paint information] the illegal storage of 34 tons of hazardous chemicals may cause an explosion at any time! Recently, Shunde District market supervision and Administration Bureau found that a warehouse on feie road in Daliang was suspected of illegally storing hazardous chemicals. It dispatched, evaluated and corrected the implementation of plans, project implementation, policy implementation, work promotion and other situations of relevant departments directly under the provincial government and cities. After learning the situation, the Department quickly carried out investigation and treatment, and ended this dangerous point that may explode at any time

on August 23, the district and Municipal Supervision Bureau, together with Daliang branch, Daliang branch of the District Public Security Bureau, Daliang branch of the environmental transport and Urban Administration Bureau, and Damen neighborhood committee, jointly conducted a surprise inspection on a warehouse located on feie Road (opposite the wharf) of Daliang in accordance with the law. After arriving at the site, the gate of the warehouse involved was closed tightly, but the sound of personnel working and communicating in the warehouse could be heard, and the pungent smell outside the warehouse was choking. The law enforcement officers came forward to identify themselves and asked the internal personnel to open the door to cooperate with the inspection. However, the personnel of the warehouse did not pay attention. After repeated persuasion, the law enforcement officers found a professional unlocking agency to unlock the warehouse according to law. Once they entered the warehouse, the law enforcement officers quickly controlled the internal personnel

during the inspection, it was found that the warehouse was divided into two parts. One part stored about 16 tons of sodium hydroxide, about 6 tons of ethyl ester, about 3 tons of trichloroethylene, about 5 tons of n-propyl ester and other hazardous chemicals. The other part also stored about 4.2 tons of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and other items, more than 34 tons of hazardous chemicals. The on-site environment is very poor, so it is not qualified to store hazardous chemicals at all. Meanwhile, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid are easily toxic and explosive substances, which are prone to chemical reaction or even explosion when stored together, and there are great potential safety hazards. Once leakage or chemical reaction occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable

it is understood that the warehouse involved is divided into two parts, which are rented by two different enterprises. After investigation, it is found that the business scope of these two enterprises is trading dangerous chemicals, and they do not have the qualification to store them. At the same time, the warehouse involved does not have the qualification to store dangerous chemicals

the district market supervision and Administration Bureau seized all hazardous chemicals stored in the national and international variety complex warehouse of strain gauge pull and pressure sensors in the warehouse according to law, and stored them in the legal special warehouse for hazardous chemicals, which immediately eliminated the potential safety hazards and avoided the occurrence of accidents. What are the common abnormalities in the operation of the spring torsion testing machine? At the same time, the enterprises involved will be investigated and punished for their illegal acts. The recent explosion accident is a bloody lesson, and production safety is of great importance. If citizens find that dangerous chemicals are produced in violation of regulations, they can call complaint 12315 to report and complain

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