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Warburg Pincus video conference system helps Minsheng Bank to communicate effectively

China Minsheng Bank is the first national joint-stock commercial bank in China that is mainly held by non-public enterprises. The involvement of various economic sectors in China's financial industry and the standardized modern enterprise system have made China Minsheng Bank different from state-owned banks and other commercial banks and attracted the attention of the economic and financial circles at home and abroad

for a long time, China Minsheng Bank has been carrying out information construction in an all-round way and using information technology to enhance effective and rapid communication between branches and sub branches. The results are often difficult to satisfy people, which is considered by China Minsheng Bank as the necessary basis for business development. In terms of the construction of video communication, Minsheng Bank has now built a video conference system that basically covers the head office, branches and sub branches, while Warburg Pincus video conference system was successfully deployed to Minsheng Bank Hangzhou branch, several tier-3 branches and dozens of sub branches in 2011, and achieved good application results

project background

with the rapid expansion of the rural banking business of Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Bank began to face new problems in business communication: the communication between the management department and the rural banks and the rural banking points became more and more frequent; And the number of village banks and point branches across the country is also increasing; At present, the communication and training between banks are basically on-site and in the form of training. The efficiency of business communication needs to be improved, while the travel expenses and time costs need to be reduced

based on this, Minsheng Bank plans to deploy a set of video conference system to improve the informatization construction of rural banks. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. The deployed video conference system should cover the rural banking department of Minsheng Bank, all rural banks and all points of rural banks to meet the video conference between the management department of rural banks and all rural banks and points

2. This system can realize video conference with the head office and branches, and can be interconnected with the video conference system of the third-party brand to participate in the bank wide meeting

3. In addition to good audio and video effects, the system also needs good data sharing, electronic whiteboard and other auxiliary functions to facilitate good interaction and cooperation

4. The system supports business discussions and exchanges in all venues, as well as small-scale business exchange meetings between point-to-point and multi-point, that is, multiple video conferences can be held at the same time for synchronous business exchanges in different regions


based on the existing video conference system construction of Minsheng Bank, Warburg Pincus has once again built a video conference system for Minsheng Bank. The system covers the village bank management department of Minsheng Bank, village banks and village bank points. The specific deployment is as follows:

1. The system adopts a distributed tree structure, deploys top-level MCU servers in the Beijing central computer room of Minsheng Bank, and performs dual machine hot standby for the top-level servers in the center; Take each village bank as the node, deploy the secondary MCU server to connect the video conference terminal of the village bank management department of Minsheng Bank, each village bank and each village bank point to the system

2. Deploy Warburg Pincus HD video conference hardware in the village bank management department of Minsheng Bank, village banks and village bank points to realize the full coverage of HD video conference by village bank management department, village banks and village bank points

3. A set of Warburg Pincus video conference terminal is configured in the branch video conference room to interconnect with the original third-party video conference terminal. Without affecting the operation of the original branches' video conference, each branch can hold meetings with its branches and regional village banks, and village banks can participate in meetings held by the head office

4. The system is equipped with a recording and broadcasting server for conference recording, storage, uploading and on-demand functions

system features

1. The system has good scalability. In view of the rapid growth of Minsheng Banking Business, in the future, the number of points can be smoothly expanded and upgraded through terminal authorization and the addition of secondary and tertiary MCU

2. Diversity of meeting forms. The system fully supports video conferences held in all venues, as well as small-scale business exchange meetings between point-to-point and multi-point, which can effectively improve business exchange efficiency and facilitate business expansion and real-time control due to backward models

3. Distributed tree structure: the tree type distributed group technology is specially developed and designed by Warburg Pincus for the needs of government departments and large enterprises. It can be expanded infinitely downward in a tree form under the physical structure to realize multi-level joint application of the system, and can easily build a large-scale group system. The system can also provide the fastest forwarding rate in the industry. The end-to-end forwarding rate is less than 20ms, minimizing the impact of delay

in addition, the distributed tree structure is adopted in the system. When the bank holds the general meeting, only one conference manager is required to flexibly complete the image retrieval and broadcasting of each branch at all levels

4. Recording and Broadcasting: Warburg Pincus embedded recording and broadcasting server is designed and developed for the needs of scene collection, recording and on-demand in the process of conference and training applications. It has powerful multimedia recording, storage, uploading and on-demand functions. By deploying the recording and broadcasting server equipment, the system can complete high-quality recording and broadcasting services

powerful data assistance

in view of the special needs of Minsheng Bank for conference functions, the system deployed by Warburg Pincus this time has powerful data assistance functions, including electronic whiteboard, screen sharing, document sharing, file sharing, electronic hand raising, file collaborative modification, etc., which greatly enriches the communication means of participants and fully meets the needs of Minsheng Bank for remote conference communication

1. Text discussion: during the meeting, click the discussion function to realize full text communication

2. Electronic whiteboard: in the meeting, the meeting members can draw graphics, play media and type text, and can realize the functions of creating new pages, drawing lines/curves/graphics, adding pictures/media/documents/flash, screen capture, eagle eye, typing text and screen recording

3. Screen sharing: the host has the advantages of fast cooling speed and low noise. The owner or the participants with the permission to share the screen can share their own computer screen to the meeting template, and make all meeting members synchronously see the operations done by the host, such as PowerPoint, word and other documents played

4. Document sharing: the host plays the data document in the meeting, and all participants can see the document

5. Media sharing: the host plays multimedia files in the meeting, and all participants can hear or see the played media files

in addition, the system also has conference template, PTZ control, multi screen output, round robin and other functions, fully meeting the needs of Minsheng Bank for communication

implementation effect

Warburg Pincus video conference system has been successfully applied to Minsheng Bank, achieving very good use effect, and fully meeting the needs of the village bank management department of Minsheng Bank, village banks and village bank points for holding remote video conferences and remote offices; Effectively improved the meeting exchange and business communication among banking institutions; With powerful and rich functions, the required cylinder is placed in the slot, which meets the special interaction and cooperation needs of the bank and enables the participants to have a good meeting experience

in addition, the deployed video conference system was also applied to the internal training of Minsheng Bank, which improved the efficiency and timeliness of business training, better, faster and more comprehensively helped the bank staff improve their business level, and played an important role in the expansion of banking business

up to now, Warburg Pincus has served many large financial institutions, such as agricultural development bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Life Insurance, Taiping Insurance, Guotai Junan, etc., playing an important role in the development of China's financial industry and information construction

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