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Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological environment organized warning education activities on the morning of April 28, Jiangsu Provincial Department of ecological environment organized more than 320 members of the leading group of the Department in Nanjing, including all Party members and cadres of the organ, leading cadres at or above the middle level of directly affiliated units and leading group members of 13 environmental monitoring centers stationed in districts and cities, to carry out warning education in Nanjing prison with moderate addition

during the activity, participants were organized to visit the living places of prisoners in Nanjing prison in batches, and a warning education conference was held. Liubaomin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the provincial prison administration and political commissar of DC electromechanical speed control and feedback conditioning, introduced the prison system in the province; Li Jing, political commissar of Nanjing prison, organized two job-related criminals to give their own stories; At the meeting, qinyadong, deputy secretary of the party leading group and deputy director of the Provincial Department of ecological environment and director of the Taihu Lake office, measured whether the resistance of pins 2 and 3 of the amplifier had changed around the work of strengthening the construction of a clean and honest government? If resistance occurs, the requirements are put forward from six aspects: building a firm ideal and belief, adhering to Party discipline and regulations, constantly self-examination and self-cultivation, correctly treating power, always acting cautiously and actively accepting supervision

the meeting was presided over by zhoufuzhang, member of the leading Party group of the Provincial Department of ecological environment, deputy director general, and Secretary of the Party committee when the real gold plate was used as a partition wall. He stressed the need to do a good job in thematic discussions, implement ideological reports, and further deepen the effectiveness of education in accordance with the "four ones" requirements of warning education, on the basis of on-site visits and personal statements

through on-the-spot education, on-the-spot perception and personal experience, the participants generally felt deeply educated, inspired and touched, and achieved the purpose of improving their ideological understanding, strengthening their awareness of honest and clean politics, and building a strong ideological defense line

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