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On November 22, the Bauma China 2016 and China International Engineering machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo kicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the first batch of leading enterprises focusing on the R & D and production of aerial work platforms in China, Xingbang heavy industry has products all over the country. According to the breakdown products, when they passed the acceptance of the expert group a few days ago, they were exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and other overseas markets, and have grown steadily for 8 consecutive years. It can be said that every step of the development of Xingbang heavy industry is inseparable from the support of customers. In order to thank the customers for their great help, Xingbang heavy industry held a thank you dinner at Shanghai Wanxin Hotel, and organized wonderful programs and lottery links to thank the customers for their journey together. In the fourth quarter, the market of blow molding machines and thermoforming machines in the United States also experienced a mixed situation. Chairman Liu Guoliang delivered a speech at the dinner and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all customers present. As a highlight of the appreciation dinner, Mr. Zeng Xiang, a think tank of the construction machinery industry, released the investigation report on aerial work platforms, which strengthened the confidence of the present customers in the development of the aerial work industry after the completion of the main structure; Another highlight was the release of Xingbang's new coating upgrade products by huangyong, director of the company's technical center, which was unanimously affirmed by the participating customers

dinner scene

the biggest highlight of the dinner was the party program and lottery link carefully prepared by Xingbang for all guests, which brought joy, passion and surprise to the guests present and brought the atmosphere of the party to a climax

the raffle segment of the dinner party

the Shanghai customer won the first prize of Huawei P9 1

at the dinner party, Xingbang staff had a good talk with all the guests, exchanged ideas and talked about the future. What you feel is not only the warm atmosphere of the dinner, but also the trust and support between Xingbang and customers. At the same time, it is also everyone's inner expectation for the future development of the aerial work industry

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