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The "boom" of the waste base paper market sounded! The paper sector remained active, and Qingshan Paper led a number of stocks to follow the rise. Release date: Source: Oriental Wealth research center. Affected by the positive effects of all parties, the three major A-share indexes opened higher on March 5. However, the "reform" brought opportunities and results, and the stock indexes maintained shock consolidation; In the afternoon, under the platform of big finance, subject stocks strengthened in an all-round way, the Shanghai index started to fluctuate at a high level, and the gem index also rose

from the disk view, the paper sector remained active. As of the closing, Qingshan Paper Rose by the limit, while Bohui paper, Jingxing paper, Yibin Paper, Chenming Paper and other stocks rose

the "boom" of the waste base paper market sounded! In terms of news, according to the business news agency, in the middle and late February, the upstream and downstream enterprises in the corrugated paper market resumed work one after another, and the market transactions gradually recovered. Affected by the shortage of raw waste paper, the price rise, and the positive stimulation of downstream demand, the overall price of the corrugated base paper market rose rapidly. The paper enterprises successively issued price increase letters, and the corrugated and box board scale paper enterprises increased by/ton. Most small and medium-sized paper enterprises followed suit, with a large increase, The price increase per ton is mainly concentrated in Dongguan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei and other regions

according to the paper analysts of the business society, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong are in good condition for resumption of work, the arrival of waste paper has improved, and the pressure on raw materials has slowed down. It is expected that the overall high level of the waste paper market in recent days will be dominated by a temporary stable operation, but most of the paper enterprises are still insufficient to start work, which may cause some paper enterprises to raise the purchase price of waste paper again, so that the corrugated base paper market also has room to keep up again

however, according to Xinhua Finance and economics, a number of carton and special paper manufacturers have recently announced price increases, many of which are as high as 15%. According to experts' analysis, the price rise is mainly due to the poor logistics of land and sea transportation, and the waste paper recycling industry is greatly affected by (1) the preparation of experimental machines, which makes the price of recycled pulp rise. According to the judgment of insiders, due to the above reasons, "win-1" is free of initial fees, and the demand for policy management fees is reduced, the performance of the paper industry in the first quarter will be under pressure, and the degree of recovery in the future will mainly depend on the degree of consumer confidence and logistics recovery

Jin Peipei, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang information, believes that it is still necessary to be cautious about the trend in the later stage. In March, the major paper enterprises will resume work one after another, and the market supply will gradually return to normal. In addition, Nine Dragons Paper will put into production in Dongguan base and Yongxin base respectively in the first quarter, with a total box board paper capacity of 1.1 million tons/year, which may have a great impact on the market. Downstream demand still has room for improvement, but the terminal performance is not optimistic. In March, the paper price may be at a high level, but the market supply and demand will eventually return to rationality, and the downward risk of price in the second quarter may increase

Orient Securities pointed out that the structure of raw materials in the paper industry is differentiated, and the cost advantage of leading paper enterprises continues to highlight. The differentiation of raw material structure leads to the differentiation of enterprise profits. As the price difference between domestic waste and foreign waste has widened again, enterprises with a higher quota of foreign waste have obvious cost advantages compared with enterprises that adopt all domestic waste; From 2020 to 2021, the import of waste paper will be reduced year by year, and the raw material cost advantage of leading paper enterprises is expected to be reflected in the form of overseas layout of waste pulp and overseas finished paper projects. If the price of raw materials rises in the coming years, the cost advantage of leading enterprises will become more prominent

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