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Waste glass with low recycling value should not be given away.

if a statistic is made: how to deal with the bottle when the beer is finished? I'm afraid more than 90% of the citizens will answer, "throw it away." Why is it that beer bottles that can be exchanged for wine at the price difference are no longer recycled? "Research on the reconstruction of the benefit mechanism of the 'three modernizations' of domestic waste in Shanghai" by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Zhigong party according to the data of the research report, the model of free recycling and paid utilization by professional enterprises should be adopted, and a resource recycling system of residential waste glass with the parameters of demand output, tensile strength, zigzag strength, tightening strength, fracture elongation, yield strength and so on should be established as soon as possible with professional enterprises as the main body, The government will provide support and help by purchasing services, open up the industrial chain and value chain, and effectively solve the problem of resource recycling of resident waste glass

the research report shows that the purchase price of waste glass in Shanghai is only 7 cents per 500 grams. After the waste collectors in the community collect it, they sell it to the waste recycling station at 10 cents per 500 grams. In the middle, they can only earn 3 cents. In addition, the waste glass body is heavy, the transportation cost is high, and it is time-consuming, laborious and uneconomical. Waste collectors or waste recycling stations are not willing to recycle waste glass, nor give it away for free. At present, waste glass (bottles) are directly recycled by waste collectors and professional enterprises in the suburbs, but no one in the central urban area is willing to recycle them for a fee. They can only be thrown away as garbage, which is collected by the sanitation system and transported to the sorting station for sorting, Its working principle is that some users still use origin and other more professional graphics processing software for later data processing, place the tested steel wire between the upper fixture and the lower fixture, and clamp it to the professional disposal enterprise to realize resource reuse

at the same time, due to the progress of technology and process, the cost of directly producing glass (bottle) with mineral sand is about the same as that of recycling waste glass, and the recycling enthusiasm of production enterprises is not high

buy services to open up the industrial value chain

but whether in theory or in practice, waste glass can be completely recycled. According to the investigation report, a professional disposal enterprise, after years of efforts, has not only built its own three-level recycling network, but also accepted the recycling of waste glass by the environmental sanitation department, which indicates that waste glass. The waste glass of the enterprise is made into standard particles, which are provided to glass manufacturing enterprises as raw materials for melting glass. The color material is 250 yuan per ton, the white material is 420 yuan per ton, and the high white material is about 700 yuan per ton. The recycling rate can reach sixtypercent or seventypercent

the research report points out that the model of free recycling and paid utilization by professional enterprises should be adopted to build a recycling system for resident waste glass as soon as possible, and the government should provide support and help in the form of purchasing services to open up the industrial chain and value chain

the research group suggests to promote the "dual track and one track" work between environmental sanitation departments and professional recycling enterprises. Special boxes are placed in residential areas for management and free recycling. The environmental sanitation department helps recycling enterprises transport waste glass to the disposal plant. The freight is settled according to the market price, which not only reduces the burden of professional enterprises to establish their own transport fleet, but also gives full play to the professional transportation capacity of environmental sanitation. At the same time, the construction subsidies and special funds for waste glass recycling given by the government in promoting waste classification in Shanghai are included in the practical construction projects of the municipal government in the form of government purchase of services to support and help professional recycling enterprises

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