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Wanyao Qilong and shanglutong create a new generation of exhibition invitation platform

Shanghai Wanyao Qilong Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Royal Dutch group and Qilong exhibition. At present, the company is headquartered in Shanghai and hosts nearly 20 domestic exhibitions and conferences every year. At the same time, it is also a member of the World Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) and a first-class qualification unit of Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association

however, behind the magnificence of Wanyao enterprise, a strong system support is needed. The important task of the omni channel call center invitation platform is shouldered and led by shanglutong

in China, relying on its rich exhibition industry resources, professional exhibition experience and good reputation, Wanyao Qilong has built a wide and mature business cooperation network, and successfully established a number of brand exhibitions with profound industry influence, including building materials, lifestyle and other fields. The representative exhibitions include: China International ground materials and accessories technology exhibition, Shanghai World Tourism Expo, Asia doors and windows shading exhibition, Asia pet exhibition, etc

inviting customers: not only domestic personnel, but also a large number of foreign friends

number of Invitations: 5000+ outbound calls per day on average

customer service quality: 100% satisfaction is required

multi channels: e-mail, SMS, fax, etc

security: data encryption improves data security

flexibility: the system must be flexible to deal with various business environments, such as inviting exhibition changes

expandability: flexible expansion such as interface docking, new product services, system upgrade, seat expansion, etc

system processing capacity: accurate outgoing calls save agent time, efficient interfaces, and all systems are connected

scheme technology

with years of experience in call center construction, ChinaLink has customized the bilingual system in Chinese and English. The experimental speed and height of another experimental machine should be selected according to the performance of the product to be tested. The project implementation and online use should be completed within a month

the traffic platform adopts the deployment architecture of hi link centralized deployment, centralized management and data isolation. The database and server are deployed in the core computer room, and the dedicated line is connected to the workplaces in Beijing and Chongqing to ensure the stable operation of the traffic platform through the use of FMD melt extrusion technology, and the effective sharing of relay resources; Core data such as reports and real-time statistics are encrypted to provide system level data security in an all-round way. IVR automatic outbound call is fast and accurate, effectively alleviating the problem that the agent is unable to complete the invitation task

the business platform adopts the hi agent business rapid development platform for customization, and applies mature modules such as dmserver data management and JSON interface. Provide flexible invitation activity management, rich agent business functions, and rapid interface adaptation and adjustment. Realize real-time and fast display of customer information and image, desensitization display of customer number data, and quick dialing and confirmation of customer number; The real-time JSON interface is used for real-time interaction with the core system. The JSON interface is adjusted through module configuration. The interface adaptation adjustment takes only a few minutes

with mature and reliable products, flexible business platform and rich project experience, shanglutong completed the construction of Wanyao Qilong invitation platform and officially launched it in one month

multi channel integration, integrating, e-mail, SMS, fax and other channels in the same platform to improve the working efficiency of the seats

ivr automatic outbound calls can help complete 5000+ outbound calls per day and improve the invitation efficiency

customer service module adopts shanglutong hi agent platform technology

interface docking, displaying the customer's incoming call history information, saving 50% of the agent processing time

knowledge base training to improve agent skills

the work order system is standardized, accurate and efficient to coordinate and unify all participating departments

about us

Beijing shanglutong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of Omni channel call center solutions in China. It focuses on the independent research and development of call center software. It is a senior professional supplier in China's Internet + call center software market. It has dozens of software and patents with independent intellectual property rights, covering call center platform construction, business customization, operation management, data security, Omni channel communication The various fields and directions of call centers such as intelligent customer service make shanglutong far ahead in the call center industry. Up to now, the call center software of shanglutong has served more than 500 customers with a total number of seats of more than 50000. It is distributed in the government and is increasing at a rate of 20% every year in many fields, such as telecommunications, finance, insurance, outsourcing, medical care, Internet, e-commerce, manufacturing, public utilities, etc

2012, shanglutong launched the call center application software leasing strategy. Shanglutong is committed to becoming a salesforce in the call center field, providing customized crmpaas cloud services based on Omni channels. The business functions provided include: marketing, collection and payment, and putting forward the following suggestions: questionnaire survey, customer return visit, and customer service; The fields targeted include: Internet finance, medical care, insurance, government, etc

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