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In order to ensure market supply and meet customer demand, recently, Sany Heavy Lift Ningxiang Industrial Park began to gradually resume work. During the special period of the epidemic, the workers paid attention to both epidemic prevention and control and production, and joined hands with all walks of life to fight the epidemic

the orders have been arranged so as to identify the impact of the change in the conditions of order 1 on the finished products. At 7:00 a.m. in the second half of the year, we can see that Electromechanical is the soul of all parts in the production area and see the workers wearing masks coming to work one after another. Before the access control of the plant area, security inspection posts are set. Everyone lined up and took temperature tests one by one. The scene was orderly and efficient

in the production workshop, the machines roar, and the processes such as parts transportation and mechanical arm hoisting operate smoothly. Special personnel will be assigned to disinfect the site every 4 hours

workers are rushing to make a batch of "popular" sac4500t cranes. To help customers get satisfactory products as soon as possible, Sany Heavy Lift has formulated a thorough and scientific production scheduling plan, so as not to delay the project construction that will soon rise after the epidemic

Zhou Congxin, director of the work center of Sany crane manufacturing department, introduced that before the Spring Festival, the market demand for Sany crane was very hot, and several popular products were in short supply. At present, the order has been scheduled for the second half of the year

Zhou Congxin also said that if it were not for the impact of the epidemic, at this time in previous years, Ningxiang industrial park should have many customers to urge

at present, intelligent welding robots are widely used in workshop welding, machining and other sections. 3 Double reporting: the fully open user reporting industry has little impact on the resumption of mass production due to fewer operators and adequate prevention and control, which effectively ensures the normal production and operation of the factory

although intelligent production has replaced the "crowd tactics", in order to ensure safety, the workshop currently only produces in the daytime, and the production scale will be expanded in the future according to the situation

the belief that the epidemic prevention and control and production should be consistent, and all efforts should be made to achieve the annual goals has become the consensus of the workers. "As long as we work hard, pay attention to safety and efficiency, the orders in hand will be delivered on time." Zhou Congxin said

Sany crane intelligent factory test run

on the welding production line, 8 welding robots are working "tirelessly". Not far away, a batch of high-quality outrigger accessories were delivered to the assembly link and began to be assembled

these accessories are produced by Sany Heavy tower crane intelligent manufacturing factory

at the beginning of the lunar new year, after more than 9 months of intensive construction, the main body of Sany tower crane project has been basically completed. The project was signed in january2019 and has now entered the "trial operation" stage

it is reported that 70% of the process flow of the new factory will be completed by intelligent robots. The big data platform will be used to monitor the production status, product quality and the whole process. It is planned that a high-end product standard section can be offline in 11 minutes, and the production efficiency is four times higher than that of traditional factories

at present, the new "lighthouse factory" is speeding up the construction of the project. After completion, it is expected to achieve an annual output of 8000 tower cranes of various models, with an annual output value of about 5billion yuan.

2019, Sany will take the lead in launching the construction of six "lighthouse factories" in the industry, and comprehensively introduce new production methods such as "three present data centralized control" and "flexible production island"

at present, more than 8200 sets of traditional materials and processes of Sany group can no longer meet the development requirements of production machines and more than 100000 kinds of materials. All of them have realized IOT and greatly improved production efficiency

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