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With the help of hidden sales of luxury moon cakes, this year's Mid Autumn Festival is on October 6, which coincides with the National Day golden week. Most consumers are full of expectations for this year's "civilian moon cake" market. A "slimming order" has indeed made a significant change in the moon cake market in Harbin this year. Yesterday, when I visited the supermarket, I learned that in previous years, thousands of yuan of luxury moon cakes have disappeared in shopping malls and supermarkets

but at the same time, it was found that luxury moon cakes did not disappear, but moved to some "moon cake Group purchase" stations for "hidden sales"

on the evening of the 14th, I saw the packaged "peach and plum 1 yuan moon cake" in the supermarket of the Central Mall, and seized the low-end market of this technology in the spinform gxw 650-1400/2000 injection molding machine with a mold closing force of 6500kn. A woman who was shopping for moon cakes said, "one yuan can buy one moon cake, and there are many kinds, which people must like." Laodingfeng launched six kinds of Chinese-style moon cakes with simple operation, and the price is 17 yuan per kilogram

since the Mid Autumn Festival is still more than a month away, the gift box moon cakes in major supermarkets in Harbin have not been listed yet. The head of the Sales Department of a well-known food production enterprise in Harbin said that because local production enterprises generally focus on the mid-range consumer market, coupled with the new national mandatory standard for moon cakes this year, the mainstream price of the moon cake market in Harbin this year will be between 20 yuan and 100 yuan per box, but some manufacturers are optimistic about bulk moon cakes ② For the fixture market with a little experimental force

however, luxury moon cakes are not really unavailable, but temporarily invisible in supermarkets and shopping malls. Yesterday, it was found that some "moon cake stations" that ordered directly on the Internet and delivered by express delivery had begun to sell luxury moon cakes. A mooncake station offers many luxurious mooncakes with exquisite gifts, all at prices ranging from 300 yuan to 800 yuan. I found a company engaged in moon cake customization on the station. The staff of the company told that in addition to processing moon cakes, gifts could also be added according to the requirements of customers to guide people to change their consumption habits. They also said that their products did not enter the mall and the management department could not find them. It is understood that at present, the relevant departments have no effective regulatory measures for the ordering and direct selling of moon cakes

as the first Mid Autumn Festival after the implementation of the national standard, limiting luxury packaging and "slimming" moon cakes have achieved initial results, but whether there will be a unique phenomenon of "people who buy don't eat, people who eat don't buy" remains to be tested in the market

background information:

since June 1, China has implemented the national mandatory standard for moon cakes. The new standard stipulates that the packaging cost of moon cakes shall not exceed 25% of the price of moon cakes. Previously, the state also issued regulations requiring that no wine, tea and other commodities unrelated to moon cakes should be placed in the moon cake packaging box

source: Harbin

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