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LUZHENG Futures: the high level of Japanese rubber corrected and the rebound of Shanghai Rubber blocked

on December 19 (Wednesday), TOCOM rubber futures rose sharply, boosted by new fund buying and the continued weakness of the yen. Tokyo traders said that the rise of precious metal futures also provided support, and the supply situation remained tight after the recent heavy rain in the main producing countries. It is expected that the key resistance level of 300 yen will be tested in the next few days. Benchmark) the contract in May opened at 295.00, with a maximum of 299.50 and a minimum of 295.00, and closed at 299.20, up 5.00 yen/kg from the previous trading day

today, Shanghai Jiaotong continued its rebound trend. With the cooperation of the external market, the futures price fluctuated higher, hitting a new high in the past month. However, it was obvious that the 23000 integer level was under heavy pressure, and the futures price was blocked and fell slightly. The main ru0803 contract opened at 22675, with a maximum of 22910 and a minimum of 22610, and closed at 22840, up 335 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. 299684 transactions were made throughout the day, the trading volume was enlarged, and the position increased by 2122 to 83108

according to the news on December 19 in Bangkok, the spot price of SS3 of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film has risen for 10 years. Driven by the decline in supply caused by the recent heavy rain in southern Thailand, the raw materials delivered to the market are still less than 200 tons. Traders said that the rising trend of TOCOM futures market also provided support. Market trading was light, and buyers chose to exit because sellers were unwilling to reduce prices

China's National Bureau of Statistics announced on the 14th that China's tire production in November was less than 48.95 million, an increase of 28% year-on-year. From January to November 2007, China's tire production was 506.21 million, an increase of 24% year-on-year. Singapore on December 18, the International Rubber Research Organization said that the global surplus of natural rubber decreased to 69000 tons in 2007, which was affected by the increase of consumption and the decline of major domestic production. IRSG said that in 2007, the global natural rubber may only increase by 1.3% to 9.8 million tons from 9.68 million tons last year. But at the same time, he warned that the demand growth of natural rubber and synthetic rubber may slow down in 2008, because he was worried that the high oil price would affect the global economy. On the 18th, the State Reserve auctioned 19000 tons of natural rubber. The result: Sinochem International auctioned 4493 tons; Sinochem products 4438 tons; Shanghai Huyuan 4140 tons; The other units traded sporadically. The starting price of Hainan standard glue is 20040 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is 20460 yuan/ton; The starting price of cigarette glue is 19700 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is 21380 yuan/ton. At present, the psychological pressure brought by the auction of the State Reserve is basically digested

boosted by the new fund buying, the impact of the continued weakness of the yen, and the tight supply situation after the recent heavy rain in the main producing countries, Japanese rubber rose sharply today to test the key resistance level of 300 yen, and Shanghai rubber also rose in large quantities, but the pressure above the 23000 integer level was significantly heavy, the futures price was blocked and fell slightly, the stabilization and replenishment of the domestic spot market still need to be further confirmed, and demand is still the biggest pressure that hinders the breakthrough of the market, However, with the passage of time, domestic inventory will be gradually digested, and Tianjiao will still maintain a steady pace to carry out the upward trend. However, we should still be alert to the technical correction of Tianjiao and the impact of the surrounding markets of crude oil and gold

operation suggestions: the volume of the Shanghai Jiao 803 contract rose today, and the rise was more obvious, and the probability of continuing to rise in the future market was relatively high. However, the pressure of more than 23000 is obviously relatively large. The market needs the joint efforts of other markets and the test cooperation in the fuel cell that simulates the real environment is expected to continue to rise. It is suggested to maintain the mid line bargain hunting buying idea and continue to hold more orders in the early stage

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