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Shandong Xintai Luyan Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. recently launched the preservative film masterbatch, which can make the preservative film obtain a long-term good anti fog effect

Luyan company mainly produces three series of Jinyan brand color masterbatch, functional masterbatch and modified material, with an annual production capacity of 60 tons, affecting the smooth function of oil by 00 tons. Preservative film masterbatch is a new variety of functional masterbatch. The product adopts antifogging agent and bactericide certified by FDA, which are non-toxic and tasteless. Antifogging agent can reduce the interfacial tension between water and plastic, prevent water vapor from condensing, and water vapor forms continuous and transparent discrete droplets on the surface of plastic, which can inhibit the decay of vegetables during transportation and storage. It has a good fresh-keeping performance as a practical high-temperature structural material, It has been widely used in the production of vegetable packaging film. (Dai Shuzhen)

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