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Luzhou power supply carried out live working of 10kV bypass cable for the first time. Zhang Yue, the correspondent of China Power News, reported that on the morning of December 18, the power distribution operation inspection room (Jiangyang) of Luzhou power supply company organized to carry out live working of 10kV Xiqiao line from pole to pole on Huangjue Road, Lantian street, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. This is the first time that Luzhou power supply company has carried out such cable live work

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due to municipal construction, it is necessary to relocate the two base poles of the 10kV Qianqiao line located in Huangjue road. If the way of power outage and relocation is adopted, the production and living electricity of dozens of radio stations in Lantian street, Tai'an street and Qiancao Street will be affected. For this reason, Luzhou power supply company decided to adopt the live working mode of bypass cable after repeated technical scheme discussion and field survey

the live line operation of the bypass cable is to transfer the load of the 10 kV line section involved in the pole relocation to the temporarily connected bypass cable through the temporary short-circuit of the bypass cable, so as to realize the disconnection of the pole line section to be relocated from the power supply and safe relocation, avoiding the power failure of the surrounding areas supplied by the line, and the power consumption will not be affected at all

compared with the previous live line operation of overhead lines, the electric operation of this bypass cable belt experimental machine, which can not be placed anywhere, is more difficult. The original live line operation has only one operation point. This operation includes three operation points, including two live line operation vehicles, a bypass cable laying vehicle and a crane. The two teams of Lantian power supply station and live line operation team cooperate. There are more than 30 people working on the thermoforming system built by Eli machinery Co., Ltd. in heilburon, Germany. The operation process is also more complex, including the laying and connection of bypass cables, the disconnection of drainage lines at both ends of the pole in the relocation section, the relocation of pole lines, and the subsequent reverse removal of bypass cables and the restoration of the normal operation of the relocated line section

during the operation, Luzhou power supply company strictly controlled the on-site risks and formulated detailed control measures for the operation with general negative differential electricity and the relocation of electric poles. Since the operation site is located in a place with dense traffic and people, it also specially added observers and laid bypass cable pressure protection boxes and other facilities

this cable live working has also made exploration and accumulated experience for carrying out cable live working in the future

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