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Luxury packaging should be legislated to restrict

the packaging of goods should be legislated "," issues related to scenic spots should be legislated... "The initiative of the office of the provincial people's Congress on the weakening of the domestic coke spot market to solicit legislative topics for the society has been actively supported by the general public of Chengdu. Many citizens sent their legislative proposals to the Jinjiang auditorium through 96118, or in person. Shen Yan, who lives in Dongsheng Street, Chengdu, believes that for a long time in the past, China's export goods suffered a lot because of poor packaging, but now many goods are over packaged. For example, the value of the packaging of a box of moon cakes with hundreds of yuan is far more than the moon cakes themselves; The same is true of the packaging of various health and nutrition products. Obviously, there are only four small plates of ginseng buccal tablets, so we have to pack it into two packages, wrap it inside and outside in plastic bags and small cartons, and then put on a large packaging box with exquisite printing. When you take it apart, there is only a thin layer of substance

Shen Yan believes that excessive packaging not only wastes resources, but also damages the interests of consumers. At present, European governments have formulated commodity packaging laws, which stipulate that the packaging materials are not convenient to operate and can be larger than 1/10 of the volume of the packaged materials. However, there are no regulations in this regard in China, which has contributed to the atmosphere of excessive packaging to a great extent. To this end, Shen Yan suggested that our province should introduce a regulation to limit excessive packaging as soon as possible, and regulate and restrict the packaging of the products issued by the first batch of smart car open road test license plates in China from the aspects of quality, material and volume. Protecting scenic resources, a citizen named Dou Zheng said: at present, hotels, restaurants, villas, artificial landscapes and other encroachments on scenic spots are quite serious. It is suggested that scenic resources, especially the world natural and cultural heritage, should be included in the unified planning as a non renewable resource and protected in the form of law. To ensure food safety, TangYun, Sichuan provincial Party committee of the agricultural labor party, suggested that our province should make necessary amendments to emerging new problems and technologies on the basis of the detailed rules for the implementation of the food hygiene law, and issue the Sichuan food safety regulations when the time is ripe to restrict the behavior of all food market participants such as the government, enterprises, consumers and intermediary organizations through legal means to ensure food safety

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